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Starting as a people manager

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Congratulations on becoming a people manager at Zurich, we believe our people managers are critical to our success.

People managers have one of the biggest challenges and privileges in any organisation: understanding, motivating and organising their people to work together to achieve their goals.

To help you achieve this, we are giving you the opportunity to develop your management skills and competencies through our People Manager Essentials (PME) programme.

Your learning journey starts on day one of your role with the 90 day People Manager Essentials (PME) starter pack. This starter pack will provide you with knowledge to begin your journey as a people manager at Zurich. Please email on day 1 of your time with us or now if you wish and we will send you the starter pack.

Once you have completed the pack, the next step in your learning journey is to attend the People Manager Essentials (PME) classroom experience. During this interactive four day event, you will:

  • Receive an overview of the 8 things great people managers do
  • Learn the tools for driving high-performing teams
  • Assess your manager mindset
  • Gain an understanding of the feedback survey tool
  • Participate in practice sessions where you can apply what you’ve learned
  • Create a detailed action plan to guide your development as a people manager

A schedule of the classroom experience sessions can be found below.

The experience session should be attended during months 3-9 of your new role. It is aimed at all new people managers at Zurich, however, if you have been managing people for a few years then please let us know so that we can make sure we provide the right level of development.


21st to 24th February


21st to 24th March


4th to 7th April


23rd to 26th May


20th to 23rd June


11th to 14th July


19th to 22nd September           


10th to 13th October


14th to 17th November


Please let us know at which experience session you would like to attend.

Alternatively, if you have already started with us you can log in to the MyLearning, our Learning Management System to enrol.

Starting off on the right foot is always critical to succeeding. Make sure you use the knowledge gained from your starter pack, invest time in getting to know your line manager (including letting them know which dates you are attending), getting to know your team as well as developing positive relationships within the organization.

I wish you the best of success in your new role and look forward to seeing your contribution to Zurich.


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Georgina Farrell
Head of UK HR