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Learning and Development at Zurich

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We offer a flexible approach to learning, designed with you in mind. In the UK we offer a wide range of development opportunities to meet your specific needs. Everyone at Zurich has access to a wealth of online, on demand e-learning opportunities, classroom based courses, learning on the job as well as externally recognised professional qualifications and internal accreditations.

We provide the opportunity for ongoing self-serve support through the 'Zurich Learning Hub', giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace.

The ‘Zurich Learning Hub’ is your one stop shop for all your learning and development needs. The hub hosts a vast range of resources from e-books and podcasts to TED Talks and e-learning materials that can help with your own personal development. Managers at Zurich will experience ‘Zurich Oxygen’ – a comprehensive programme that delivers feedback, training and recognition with the aim of helping good managers become great managers.

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