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A fair claims process

Abuse claims require careful management given the typical complexity and sensitive nature of the cases involved. Zurich ensures that all abuse claims are managed by our specialist claims handlers.

In our experience, victims and survivors of abuse should make their claim against a defendant organisation which has potential liability for the actions of those who are accused of carrying out the abuse.

In accordance with court rules, victims and survivors should set out details of their allegations of abuse, the injuries suffered and the financial loss that they have incurred. While the claim may be made against a defendant organisation, insurers typically take over conduct of the claim. Zurich will therefore take over the conduct of the formal civil claim from the insured organisation, which means that Zurich will be acting in the name of the organisation.

Claims are reviewed and payment made based on an assessment of legal liability of the defendant insured organisation, following the gathering and analysis of relevant evidence in each individual case.

We will undertake a fair claims process handled by specialists in this area.

Policyholders of Zurich may determine the formation, scope and terms of reference of any investigations or reviews.

We encourage policyholders to obtain their own legal advice if they have concerns about the initiation, management or drafting of any investigation to ensure that confidentiality, defamation and liability issues are addressed.

We also encourage claimants to obtain independent legal advice as part of their claim. Details of organisations that can help with this are provided in the 'Useful resources' section.