Diversity policy

The Board of Zurich Assurance Ltd sets a policy promoting diversity throughout the Company, including on the Board, the key principles of the policy are set out below.

The Board:

  • Recognises that diversity can bring insights and behaviours that make a valuable contribution to the effectiveness of the Company and the Board;
  • Believes in equal opportunities and support the principle that due regard should be given to the benefits of diversity, including gender, when undertaking a search for both executive and non-executive candidates;
  • Believes that the Board should have a blend of skills, experience, independence and knowledge amongst its individual members that is appropriate to its needs;
  • Will take overall Board diversity and collective contribution into account in the selection and recruitment of new Board members;
  • Will aim to use future vacancies to further improve diversity within the Company's senior management, to provide more diverse succession potential for executive Board positions; and
  • Is committed to evaluating on an annual basis as part of a wider effectiveness review, the balance of skills, experience, independence and knowledge of the company on the Board, and its diversity, including gender.