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Severe weather conditions

How to cope in severe weather conditions

Flooding, storms and icy roads all pose real risks. From guidance on how to minimise damage to your home to advice on essential precautions before driving in severe weather conditions, make sure you're prepared with our key hints and tips.

Useful resources

This information is intended to be for guidance purposes only and is sourced from the following organisations. If you have any specific queries please contact the appropriate organisation.

Weather forecast and flood warnings

Environment Agency

Scottish Environment Agency

For information regarding the likelihood of flooding in your area, existing and planned flood defences, historical records and an assessment of future flood risk.

Severe Warning Service

These warnings are issued to enable UK citizens to make informed decisions that help protect their life, welfare and property in the event of severe weather.

Highways England

For information about localised floods, such as those caused by ditches, streams and drainage systems.

BBC Weather

Hourly weather forecasts for the UK. Includes 10 day forecasts along with long range weather reports.

National and local organisations

Local Authorities

Local authorities provide and maintain flood defences on local watercourses so they may have a number of plans and documents relating to flooding in your area.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross provides a range of services across the UK, from emergency response and first aid to helping people in the home and loaning medical equipment.

English Heritage

For help with protecting and repairing historic buildings, such as those that are listed.

Defra - Environmental Protection

For information on problems caused by water mains and sewers.