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Invest for the future

If you really want to give your money the potential to grow and you don’t need immediate access to it, think about investing it rather than just saving. You might want to invest for the really big things in life – like retirement or paying your child’s university fees. 

Whatever the reason, investing could give you higher returns than saving in a bank account but be prepared – with the potential for higher reward comes more risk.

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Think about investing if:

  • You're looking to invest for the medium to long-term (5 years of more)

  • You're willing to accept an element of risk to your money

  • You're willing to accept and cope financially if you lost some or all of your money

  • You have a future goal such as paying your child’s university fees or investing for a comfortable retirement

  • You want the chance of receiving a return higher return than you’d get by putting your money into a cash ISA or a savings account

Things to consider

Getting your hands on your cash

When you invest your money, it's usually more difficult to get your hands on it compared to a savings account or a cash ISA.

More risky than saving

You take more risk when you invest your money than when you save. The amount of risk you take will depend on the types of fund you choose to invest in. With investing you need to accept that the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

Potential for a higher return

Over the longer term (five years or more) there is a chance your money will grow more than if you put it in a savings account. But with the reward comes more risk - you could lose all the money you invest.

Cash v equities

Take a look at the graph on the right showing how cash (Money Market) has performed compared with investing in equities (FTSE 100) over a 20 year period.

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So what can I invest in?

Once you have discussed with your financial adviser what type of investment plan is suitable for you, it’s time to think about where to invest the money you pay into your plan.

About assets

Investments are split into different categories known as ‘assets’. Assets are basically a way of categorising investments and there are four main types of assets : cash, bonds and gilts, property and shares. The investments you choose will generally invest in a combination of these asset classes.

Investing in funds

Many people invest in funds where their money is pooled with other investors. Funds invest in different types of assets, which have different types and levels of risk. There are many types of funds and each will have its own investment objective.

You can, however, invest directly in an assets rather than through a fund.

Choice of investment options

We offer access over to over 3,000 funds covering asset classes to suit all types of goals and attitudes for risk.

Understanding investment charges

Here’s a description of what specific charges apply when you invest.

Compare our saving and investment plans

All of these products are only available through a financial adviser.

​Features Zurich Cash ISA Zurich Stocks and Shares ISA Zurich Investment Account Sterling Investment Bond
  Plan details Plan details Plan details Plan details
Suitable for short term savings
(less than five years)
Yes No No No
Suitable for medium to long term investment
(at least five years)
No Yes Yes Yes
Gives access to your money  Yes Yes Yes Yes
No yearly limits on amounts you pay in No No Yes Yes
Offers the choice to invest in different asset types No Yes  Yes  Yes
No income or capital gains tax applied to growth Yes Yes No No
No tax applied to income Yes Yes No No
Available through Zurich Portfolio Yes Yes Yes No
Zurich Investment Life Cover available
(accessed through Zurich Portfolio)
No Yes Yes No

Find out more about the Zurich Portfolio and Zurich Investment Life Cover.

Tax information is based on 2015/16 tax rules which may change in the future and depends on your individual circumstances.

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