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Zurich Cash ISA

A tax-free home for your next big purchase or simply save for a rainy day. You can buy a Zurich Cash ISA through the Zurich Portfolio – speak to your financial adviser for details.

It might be right for you if you want:

  • To save for the short term (less than 5 years) for example, a holiday or a car

  • Interest paid tax-free

  • Tax-free income / withdrawals

  • Easy access to your savings

  • To stop, restart or change your payments to suit your circumstances.

For risks and benefits download and read the key facts

It might not be right for you if you want:

  • to save for the medium to long term (usually more than 5 years) for example, house deposit, retirement. That's because when inflation is higher than the interest rate it means the overall value of your savings is reduced

  • to invest in different types of assets such as bonds, property, money markets or shares

  • to save in a fixed rate interest rate. The Zurich Cash ISA interest rate is variable and may go down as well as up.
  • Things to think about

    There's a limit on how much you can save each tax year. The 2017/18 ISA yearly allowance allows you to save £20,000 a year.

    You can choose to use your allowance for:

    • investing in a stocks and shares ISA, saving in a cash ISA or split the allowance between a cash and stocks and shares ISA - you're allowed one of each per tax year

    • you can only pay into one cash ISA in any tax year

    Even though you won't pay tax, you should check whether you get a better overall return from an alternative savings plan before you start a Zurich Cash ISA.

    When inflation is higher than the cash ISA interest rates the overall value of savings is reduced.

  • Who can apply?

    To start an account you need to:

    • be aged 18 or over, and

    • have been resident in the UK for tax purposes for the last six months

    •     and
    • not paid into another cash ISA in the current tax year.
  • How to apply

    You can apply through a financial adviser who will advise you whether this is right for you. Bear in mind, you will have to pay for the advice you receive.

    Your adviser will manage your account using our online investment service, Zurich Portfolio. This allows your financial adviser to manage your investments, quickly and securely, in one place. And, if your financial adviser gives you access, you can check them whenever you like, using your own login.

Make the most of your ISA

Paying in as much of your ISA allowance as you can early in the tax year can really pay off. If you put the maximum amount of £15,240 in at the start of this tax year, your money will be invested longer giving you greater potential for growth, than if you’d waited and put your money in your ISA the following March. If you haven’t used all your ISA allowance for this year, it’s not too late.

Who provides the Zurich Cash ISA?

The Zurich Cash ISA is provided by Sterling ISA Managers Limited, trading as Zurich.

Sterling ISA Managers Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales under company number 02395416.

Registered Office: The Grange, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham, GL52 8XX.

Compare our saving and investment plans

Get a snapshot of the features available on our savings and investment plans

All of these products are only available through a financial adviser.

​Features Zurich Cash ISA Zurich Stocks and Shares ISA Zurich Investment Account Sterling Investment Bond
  Plan details Plan details Plan details Plan details
Suitable for short term savings
(less than five years)
Yes No No No
Suitable for medium to long term investment
(at least five years)
No Yes Yes Yes
Gives access to your money  Yes Yes Yes Yes
No yearly limits on amounts you pay in No No Yes Yes
Offers the choice to invest in different asset types No Yes  Yes  Yes
No income or capital gains tax applied to growth Yes Yes No No
No tax applied to income Yes Yes No No
Available through Zurich Portfolio Yes Yes Yes No
Zurich Investment Life Cover available
(accessed through Zurich Portfolio)
No Yes Yes No

Find out more about the Zurich Portfolio and Zurich Investment Life Cover.

Tax information is based on 2015/16 tax rules which may change in the future and depends on your individual circumstances.

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