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Zurich Retirement Account

Plan now for financial security in retirement.

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Choice now and at retirement for a future you'll love

  • Choose from a range of investments

  • Choose from regular and/or one-off payments

  • Benefit from tax relief on your payments

  • Stop, restart or change your payments to suit your circumstances

  • Your beneficiaries will receive your pension fund on your death

  • Choose either full or semi-retirement with our flexible retirement options.

It might not be right for you if...

  • You need to get hold of your pension fund. Normally you won't be able to do this until you're at least 55.

  • You're not willing to take any investment risk with your money. If you can't accept that the value of your pension fund may go down which will reduce the amount of pension you can get in the future and you may get back less than you invested, then a pension may not be right for you.

For risks and benefits download and read the key facts

  • Who can apply?

    To start a Zurich Retirement Account you need to:

    • be aged 18 or over

    • have been resident in the UK for tax purposes for the last six months

    • and have relevant UK earnings. Your adviser will help you with eligibility.
  • How to apply

    You can apply through a financial adviser who will advise you whether this is right for you. Bear in mind, you will have to pay for the advice you receive.

    Your adviser will manager your account using our online investment service, Zurich Portfolio. This allows your financial adviser to manage your investments, quickly and securely, in one place. And, if your financial adviser gives you access, you can check them whenever you like, using your own login.

Wide choice of funds including Zurich Horizon funds

We offer access to over 3,000 funds from more than 90 fund managers, across a wide range of asset classes.

Zurich Horizon fund range is provided by Zurich Investment Services (UK) Limited to give you and your financial advise a simple, straightforward way to help you make the right investments decisions.

The fund range offers five risk-profiled multi-asset funds which can be matched to your attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

Find a financial adviser

We can't give you advice but we can help you find a financial adviser and give you some hints on how to prepare for your first visit:


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If you don't currently have a financial adviser, you can find one near you at: unbiased.co.uk

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Or you can read reviews of financial advisers at: vouchedfor.co.uk

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