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We’ve compiled a useful home insurance guide to help you deal with things home-related:

  • Want to know how to lower your premiums? Then read our lower insurance premiums guide and you’ll see the things you can do to help get your price a bit lower

  • Not everyone can expect to get insured, depending on certain factors. Our guide explains who is eligible for insurance

  • An important aspect of home insurance advice is home security. For added protection, make sure you read our home security tips

  • Then there’s our frequently asked questions
Conditions apply. UK residents only

Tips to lower home insurance premiums

The type of house you live in and your postcode will always affect your insurance. You can’t help that. But if you’re interested in getting the cheapest home insurance you can, there are some things you can do that could help bring your premiums down.

  • This might sound like an odd tip coming from an insurance company, but try shopping around for the cheapest home insurance. Insurance comes in different shapes and sizes and not all will have the exact cover you need. Our approach is to offer a simple policy, with extras like accidental damage or garden cover if you need them. So effectively, you choose your premiums

  • Another way to lower your premiums is to increase your voluntary excess. We have a £100 policy excess, which is the amount you have to pay with every claim (other excesses apply). Increasing this amount may help to reduce your premium.

  • Conditions apply. UK residents only

Can you get home insurance cover?

There are a number of factors that might prevent you from getting home insurance cover. For example, we may not be able to insure you if:

  • You’ve ever had insurance refused, or had special terms imposed on it

  • You’ve been convicted of or received a police caution for any criminal offences, or indeed if you have prosecutions or police enquiries pending

  • Your property has had subsidence, landslip or structural damage, or is showing signs of movement

  • Your home has experienced or is exposed to flooding

  • Your home is not self-contained and doesn’t have its own separately lockable front door

  • Your home sits empty for more than 30 consecutive days

  • Your home is used for business purposes other than clerical purposes

  • Your home is undergoing renovation or construction work

  • Your home is a listed building

  • It’s important to be honest when getting a home insurance quote otherwise you may run into problems if you ever need to make a claim.

    These are general points we consider when giving a home insurance quote. All our home insurance cover and premiums are decided on a case by case basis and are available to UK residents only.

    Conditions apply. UK residents only

Home security advice - because security starts at home

Here are some home security tips to help you stay safe and sound - after all, prevention is the best type of insurance we know.

  • Always lock the door and close the windows when you go out, even if it’s only for a short time

  • All your external doors should ideally have 3 locking points. Mortice locks are a useful deterrent to would-be burglars (available from any DIY store)

  • Window locks are another good deterrent.

  • Never ever leave spare keys outside

  • Always keep your car and house keys hidden from plain sight when they’re in the house

  • Don’t leave window and door keys in their locks

  • Always draw your curtains at night so people can’t see your valuables from the street

  • If you’re away, even for the night, use timers on lights to make it look like someone’s in

  • Visible burglar alarms, security lights and good overall lighting are useful in deterring unwelcome attention

  • Gravel is a very cheap security measure. The crunching noise makes it very difficult for thieves to sneak quietly around outside your house

  • Conditions apply. UK residents only

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