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Managing statutory equipment can be difficult and needs tight control to avoid potential issues when equipment is used beyond its statutory inspection due date. One way to control the use of equipment is to physically tag or “colour code” when it has been examined and is safe to use.

There are typically two methods of controlling equipment:

  • Manual Tagging
  • Coding or electronic tagging systems

Colour coding is used in many different ways to distinguish different things, e.g., electrical components to signify polarity, gas cylinders to signify the type of gas and for a risk management business like Zurich Engineering to help our customers identify equipment is safe to use.

Whilst colour coding can be a cost effective method of indicating the suitability of the equipment for further use, there are other options available for the control of equipment.

The retail industry use Electronic Article Surveillance for the control of stock. Electronic tagging can range from passive, relatively low cost systems up to intelligent systems which can reproduce details of the life and limits of the equipment.

Zurich are able to offer a number of options depending on your needs.

 Tagging Fact Sheet

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