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We understand charity insurance

You want to protect your organisation and its diverse stakeholders such as colleagues, volunteers, trustees, members and service users. And you may want to protect them over a wide range of activities, such as service delivery, meetings and fund raising events. We think that this calls for an Insurance company that understands the specialist needs of your charity.

That's where we come in.

Over 10,000 organisations across the UK are protected by our charity insurance policy. They range from small voluntary groups to large social enterprises. Each of them benefits from the peace of mind that comes from buying a Zurich Insurance charity policy.

Our policy is specifically designed to protect from the risks that charities face.

And it’s not only our policy that has been designed for organisations like yours. Our online service has been built to work with you. And for medium and larger organisations, our friendly team of specialists are ready to work with you. In each case, you choose the elements of the policy and limits of cover that are right for your organisation, so you only pay for what you need.

We insure charities of every shape and size from CICs and CIOs to Large National Charities and Charitable Trusts.

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