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Public Liability insurance for your charity

It is difficult to think of an example where a charity, group or organisation does not need to consider Public Liability (PL) insurance. In fact, most of our clients see our charity Public Liability insurance as an enabler of their services, events and fundraising activities.

Our Public Liability insurance includes:

  •  Cover for your volunteers if they cause accidental property damage or injury to a member of the public 
  •  Payment of legal costs and damages to defend a claim against your organisation
  •  Product liability if you make or sell goods
  •  Property owners liability if you are responsible for, or own a building

Many of our customers have employees, so they chose to add Employers’ Liability insurance to their policy.

Check out our ’10 questions to make buying insurance simple’ for not-for-profit organisations to help decide what insurance you need.

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Why does a charity need Public Liability cover?

If your charity or organisation comes into contact with the public* you should consider buying Public Liability insurance. This cover protects your organisation against claims which could be made against you for accidental damage to third party property and compensation for accidental injury to third parties, where you may be at fault.

If injury or damage does occur, and your organisation is thought responsible, a claim could be made against you. If the claim is successful, you would be liable for paying compensation unless you are insured.

Public Liability does not provide compensation for your employees if they are injured at work. You must have Employer's Liability (a legal requirement) to provide this.

(*members, volunteers, non-members and other organisations)                                                                     

For example:

A charity is having a meeting in its building with lots of people present. During the meeting someone trips over a loose floorboard and breaks their leg. They accuse the charity of poor maintenance of the building and successfully make a claim against them. The charity's Public Liability cover would settle this claim (within the conditions of the policy).

If you want any further information about our charity insurance, please feel free to contact one of our friendly team on 0800 917 9420 or email