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Other ways charity insurance can protect your organisation

We know that the term ‘charities’ covers a lot of different organisations. From walking groups to large national charities and social enterprises, we can offer a charity insurance policy that fits what you do.

We recognise that charities and not-for-profit organisations are diverse and have different needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of insurance so that you choose the cover that you need for your organisation.

We've given a simple overview for each of the additional covers we offer below, but you can always call one of our friendly team to talk through your organisation's needs:

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Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident insurance will provide a financial payment to you, which you can choose to give to your volunteers, employees or directors if they are accidentally injured while performing their duties. This includes cover for assaults, including commuting.

Money Cover

This protects you if money is stolen or damaged whilst in the supervision of your employees or volunteers, in your safe, or in transit to the bank. Money includes notes, coins, cheques, postal orders and postage stamps.

Professional Indemnity/Professional Negligence

These should be considered if your charity or organisation provides professional services to third parties which involve professional advice, design or specification for a fee. This policy protects you where an error or omission could cause financial loss to the third party and they sue for losses incurred.

If you provide services or advice to service users but don't charge a fee, consider our Financial Administration Liability cover which provides protection against financial loss claims made against you arising from services or advice provided by your organisation that you do not charge a fee for.

Libel and Slander

This line of insurance is particularly relevant to organisations or groups that produce publications or whose employees use social media to broadcast opinions.

Fidelity Guarantee/Crime

This can protect your charity against the loss of money and/or property which you may suffer as a result of a dishonest or fraudulent act by an employee or volunteer.

Legal Expenses

This type of insurance is designed to protect you against the potential legal costs of employment disputes.

Business Travel

Insurance for regular trips on behalf of the organisation. This policy covers employees’ overseas medical expenses, personal property and money amongst other things.

Engineering Cover

Insurance for anyone who has items of plant e.g. boiler, lifts, filtration systems, workshop machinery, refrigeration equipment etc should consider having this cover.

For more information on how Zurich can protect your organisation or if you want to talk through your charity insurance needs, please contact our expert team on 0800 917 9420 or email

For further help understanding what type of insurance your organisation might need, our ‘10 questions to make buying insurance simple’ guide gives easy-to-understand explanations.