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Motor insurance for your charity

If you're a charity whose work depends on cars, vans, minibuses, or specialised vehicles, you need two things: motor insurance policy that is designed specifically for you, and an insurer that understands charities. We can provide both.

Our charity motor policies include cover for:

  •  Charities and community transport groups
  •  Any age - As long as you are legally able to drive we won’t charge you more for the age of drivers
  •  Any mileage - We don't restrict how far you can drive on behalf of your charity or not-for-profit group
  •  Any driver - You don’t need to declare to us who is driving the vehicle, we trust you to pick appropriate drivers
If you employ people to work at your organisation, take a look at our Employers’ Liability cover. You might also want to consider purchasing our Public Liability insurance to cover your volunteers in case they cause damage to somebody else’s property or injure another person whilst volunteering for you.

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Why would I need this cover?

There are three types of motor insurance available:
  1. Third Party: This is the most basic level of insurance. If you have an accident with another vehicle, and it is found to be your fault, the other vehicle would be covered, but not your own. Damage to your vehicle would have to be paid for by you. Compensation for injury or death of passengers travelling in either vehicle is also covered.
  2. Third Party Fire and Theft: This policy includes all cover provided above, it also covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a fire, theft or attempted theft. You may need to pay for part of your own vehicle damage by way of the applicable policy excess.
  3. Comprehensive: The most extensive cover. It includes all cover provided above plus further protection. If you have an accident that leaves your vehicle damaged, you will be covered for the cost of repair, including the windscreen, even if you’re at fault. As above, the applicable policy excess may apply.

For example:

A charity’s minibus collides with a parked car while dropping a volunteer off at their home. As the charity is covered by Zurich’s Fully Comprehensive motor insurance, their motor policy pays for the damage to both vehicles. Excluding the policy excess which was payable.

For more information on our motor insurance or to talk through your charity insurance, please contact our expert team on 0800 917 9420 or email

For help deciding what type of insurance your organisation might need, try our ’10 questions to make buying insurance simple’ guide to buying insurance for a straightforward explanation.