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Employers' Liability insurance for your charity

If your charity employs people in any capacity, you have a duty to protect them. In fact, you are required by law to have Employers’ Liability insurance. Our charity Employers' Liability insurance protects employers from claims arising from disease, fatality, or injury to employees.

Our Employers' Liability insurance includes:

  •  Up to £10 million of cover for claims made by employees against your organisation
  •  Protection for those on work experience with your organisation
  •  Reimbursement of court attendance costs following a claim under this policy

Our flexible insurance policy means that you can also add other elements of cover to suit your organisation’s needs. Public Liability insurance is a popular choice with our customers, protecting your organisations if you have volunteers working for you. You might also have volunteers driving vehicles on your behalf, in which case, take a look at our Motor insurance cover.

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Why would I need this cover?

Employers’ Liability covers you against compensation you might have to pay, as damages, in respect of injury caused to an employee whilst they are at work.

Employers’ Liability insurance also covers organisations that need to defend themselves against actions taken against them for breaches of Health & Safety laws.

Our Employers' Liability cover does not include volunteers, who we cover under Public Liability insurance.

For example:

An employee of a charity trips over a computer cable and twists their knee, which results in a prolonged period of physiotherapy and treatment to recover. They subsequently claim against the charity, alleging negligence in that such an obvious ‘trip hazard’ should have been identified and resolved. The charity’s Employers’ Liability cover would settle this claim (within the conditions of the policy).

For more information about our Employers’ Liability insurance, or more details on our charity insurance, please feel free to contact one of our friendly experts on 0800 917 9420 or email

For further help understanding what type of insurance your organisation might need, try our ‘making insurance simple’ guide for an easy explanation of the types of insurance cover you might need.