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My Community Starter is an information resource for people who want to get involved in organising smaller, straightforward community activities. It could be just you or up to 50 like-minded people. It might be for a one-off event like a fundraising bingo night or it could be something regular like taking elderly neighbours shopping once a week. That’s the great thing about My Community Starter – it’s helpful across a wide range of activities.

To give you examples of what’s possible, here are some types of activities that you may consider:

  • Befriending the elderly

  • Fundraising activities

  • Shopping and prescription collections

  • Garden and grounds maintenance schemes

  • Arts and creative community projects

  • Heritage and environmental projects

  • Community groups

  • Litter picking

Planning Considerations

You may have already done a lot of work around setting yourself up but it’s good to check that your plans are well thought out. Take a look at the stages here which may help your planning process.

Safety Considerations

When planning a community activity, it’s important to try to keep everyone involved as safe and injury-free as possible by taking measures to prevent or reduce the likelihood of accidents and ill health from happening. Health and safety considerations need not be a barrier to organising straightforward voluntary activities. By taking some simple steps and adopting a sensible, proportionate approach to planning and supervising your activities, you’ll be able to enhance the experience for those involved without putting unnecessary restrictions in the way. It can also help reassure everyone concerned that your activities are well managed.

Legal Considerations

It’s important to be aware of the legal obligations associated with running your group or activity to try to avoid laying yourself open to liability claims for something you have or haven’t done. Here are some of the common things that you should consider or complete to help make your activity as safe and legal as possible.

Insurance Considerations

However careful you are during your group or individual activity, accidents can still occur which is why it’s sensible to protect yourself with insurance. Having the right insurance is likely to provide reassurance for any third parties you might interact with when planning and gaining permissions for your activities.

There are a number of insurances available to community groups and individuals depending on what type of group you are and the activities involved.

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