Frequently asked questions

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Queries about my password

I’ve forgotten my password

Simply click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the log in screen. A secure link will be sent to your registered email. Please follow the link, where it will ask you to enter a new password.

I’m trying to reset my password but it says the new one is invalid

Your password needs to be eight or more characters long, and should include at least one capital letter and one number.

Queries about my quote

I’m trying to get a new quote but it says the email address is already registered

You may already have a charity insurance account and your email address is used for this account. You can reset your password by entering your email address on the ‘Forgotten Password’ screen. You can then log in and apply for a new quote.

I’ve selected an answer, but the premium box displays ‘Call us’. Why is this?

Don’t worry, this just means that we need to talk to you in a little more detail to understand what your organisation does before we can provide a quote. To find out more please call one of our team on 0800 917 9420.

Can I come back to my quote later?

Yes. Simply click the ‘Save for later’ button at the bottom of the screen and the quote will be saved to your account. To go on to your account, click ‘Already a Customer?’ on the top right of the menu bar and select ‘Login’. You can then use your email address and password to log in.

Queries about my policy

I want to make changes to my existing policy

You can do this online; simply log in to your account, go to ‘Your Account’ and click on ‘Amend my Policy Details’. Then click on the live policy and make your changes there.

Can I make changes to my policy after it has started?

Yes. Just log in to your account, select ‘Amend My Policy’ and make the changes you require. If there is a cost, it will be clearly displayed and you can pay in the normal way.

How do I access my policy documents?

When you buy a policy we will immediately email you all the necessary documents including a policy schedule, receipt and, if purchased, an Employer’s Liability certificate. If you have a live policy with us, you can also access your documents at any time via your online account.

Where can I find the full Zurich Insight policy wording?

The full Zurich Insight policy wording can be found here. It is also accessible in your personal online account.

Queries about my renewal

I want to renew but my policy has expired

If you have logged into your account and the ‘Retrieve/Renew Policy’ option is unavailable this means that your policy has expired and you will need to take out a new policy. To do this, please click ‘Get a New Quote’ on the top left of the screen. We’re sorry, but policies cannot be backdated.

Can I renew my insurance Policy online?

Yes. We understand that insurance is not always top of your list of things to do, so we’ll email you a few weeks before your policy is due to expire, making it clear how you can renew. Renewal will take less time than buying a new one, so you can get back to what matters most – running your organisation.

General queries

Can I have multiple policies for different companies under my one email address?

There can only be one policy per email address. If you would like another policy, you will need to set up a new account with a separate email address. Otherwise the details of your existing policy will be changed to your new policy.

What is my ‘Annual income’?

Your Annual Income is the total amount of money which you get during the year, from donations, grants, subscriptions, fundraising etc. This is the money you use to cover the costs of running your organisation. Remember, if your grant is for more than a year then you should share it out across the period, so if you have a three year grant for £900 then your annual income (from the grant) is £300.

What do you mean by ‘Events’? What is an Event?

Members-only meetings or activities are not classed as events unless there are more than 100 people attending. Any occasion involving non-members is classified as an event. This can include fundraising activities, fetes, fun days, discos, carnivals, parades, festivals etc.

What payment methods do you accept?

For online policies, we accept payment by all major debit and credit cards, but we are not able to accept payment by cheque or direct debit. If your organisation can only pay by cheque there are two options; you could pay using a personal debit card and then claim the cost back, alternatively you can speak to one of our team on 0800 917 9420 for more information.

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