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The British Masters: Top 5 Golf Drivers

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It’s almost time to tee off! For the third year running Zurich is proud to be one of the official partners of the British Masters. Hosted by former number one golfer and Ryder cup legend, Lee Westwood, this year’s tournament will be held in the beautiful grounds of Close House Golf Club in Newcastle, from 28th September until 1st October 2017.

You may just think golf is putting a ball into a hole, but a vigorous walk accompanied by social interaction at the 19th hole provides both physical and mental benefits. Here is a swing by swing account on why golf is great for your health. 

Forget the golf buggy and put in the leg work
Golf offers the combined benefits of muscle strengthening and toning from lifting and swinging your clubs. This will help you achieve a healthier body weight and appearance. Playing 18 holes regularly will increase your steps no matter how many shots you take, will burn at least 900 calories. Even following your favourite player at the British Masters this will surely contribute to your weekly exercise!
Keeping active can reduce the risk of numerous health conditions. Doctors suggest that 150 minutes of ‘moderate exercise’ a week is great for helping to combat diabetes so a regular four hour round will almost double this. Zurich’s Protection Specialist and keen golfer, Debra Hale explains more about Diabetes and the implications of the condition

The great outdoors

A welcome return of the British Masters sees this year’s tournament held in one of the top 100 courses in the UK. The Lee Westwood Championship Colt Course is believed to be a challenging course that will satisfy all levels of golfers.

Any outdoor activity or exercise is beneficial, enhancing your mood and reducing stress levels. Absorption of vitamin D from sunlight will boost the immune system, contributing to general wellbeing. And let’s be honest time spent outdoors is more appealing than a day in the office!

A Sociable Sport

Whether you’re a social butterfly or wanting to meet new people, golf provides plenty of opportunities for catching up with friends or making new ones. If you’re new to golf there are beginner courses which offer support from experienced instructors and other learners. Take time out with work colleagues for a round or two of golf and leave the office workload behind in exchange for a tee time! 

At this year’s British Masters Zurich ambassador Jamie Donaldson is challenging you and your friends to the golf Keepy-Uppy challenge. Do you have an impressive score? Here’s your chance to beat a professional at their own game! Find out how to enter #ZurichBeatThePro.

Stress-free round

Contrary to what you may believe golf is proven to reduce stress, from the physical activity to the pleasure of walking around in a natural and open environment. The activity triggers the release of endorphins, making you feel happier and relaxed which many may find more appealing than an hour’s grind on the treadmill. 

If you’re short on time, heading to the local driving range is a good option too. Although recognised as a social sport, even going to the range for an hour and getting the driver out after a hectic day at the office can help you unwind.

Mastering a new skill like golf can give you both a great sense of achievement and confidence, improving your outlook on life. This will bring down your stress levels, but increase the anticipation before your next tee-time! 


A better night’s sleep

Golf, along with yoga, gardening and running, is acknowledged as one of the best forms of exercise for encouraging good quality sleep, according to Get into Golf.

It is a purposeful activity where you have specific goals in mind. Competitive activities make you feel fulfilled and motivated. The peaceful greenery of the course makes you feel at ease, resulting in restful sleep. Who knows you may even lower your handicap!

A full day on the fairway will have you ready to hit the hay, so make sure you have a good night’s rest before heading up to the British Masters

Join Zurich in celebrating its third year of sponsoring the British Masters by taking part in our exciting competitions on the Zurich stand. Look out for Jamie Donaldson on our stand attempting the #ZurichBeatThePro challenge. Receive a Zurich woolly hat as part of our #TrulyLoveGolf competition where a lucky attendee could win all expenses paid tickets to the Zurich Classic Golf tournament in New Orleans.