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    National Numeracy Day

    Zurich proudly supports National Numeracy Day

    At Zurich, corporate responsibility is an integral part of how we do business. We are committed to creating sustainable value for our shareholders, customers, employees and communities.

    That’s why we’re so proud to support National Numeracy Day - celebrating numeracy and how it can help in everyday life, with particular focus on improving financial literacy.

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    Zurich are incredibly pleased to be supporting National Numeracy Day, taking place on May 15th 2019. The event was created to highlight the importance that numbers play in our everyday lives, and to encourage people, no matter who they are to feel confident using maths. The day aims to bring together individuals, employers, educators and influencers to help raise the national standard of numeracy.

    As a financial services company, Zurich understand how important numeracy is to our everyday lives. As well as supporting National Numeracy Day, we aim to actively demonstrate our corporate responsibility through various initiatives. One of the initiatives we are particularly proud of is our Zurich Youth Skills Programme.

    Zurich is currently partnering with schools in London, Birmingham and Farnborough to help students ages 11 - 17 to gain a better understanding of risk and financial literacy. Our aim is to educate students about the opportunities available in the insurance industry. Feedback from schools has been fantastic, and we are always exploring more ways to work with schools across the UK.

    You can learn more about our commitment to financial literacy on the National Numeracy website.

    That’s why we are so pleased to get involved in supporting National Numeracy Day, helping to spread the word about the importance of numbers in everyday life. We want to help encourage people to feel confident about numbers, to help people understand and improve their finacial literacy.

    We urge other organisations across the UK to get involved and to help more people feel confident with numbers and to improve numeracy levels across the UK.

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    I’m really proud that Zurich in the UK is a supporter of National Numeracy Day. It’s so important that we take a collective approach across society to improve numeracy and shine a light on the importance of numbers in our everyday lives.

    Tulsi Naidu, Zurich UK Executive

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    Understand the numeracy skills you need daily with this quick quiz.

    You’ll also get some handy tips on how to improve your skills from the National Numeracy team.

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