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Policies that provide cover for a variety of risks businesses may face in the engineering industry.

What does your business need to protect?

Engineering insurance

Our engineering insurance cover is suitable for a huge range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to telecommunications and transport / logistics.

What we cover

  • Plant (owned and/or hired-in)

  • Electronic equipment

  • Computer

  • Machinery movement

  • Contract works machinery

  • Contract works construction

  • Plant protection

Engineering inspection and other services

Inspections are essential in ensuring the safety of your plant and machinery. Our dedication to understanding your business and use of the latest technology aims to keep your workspaces safe and compliant.

What we cover

  • Electrical installations

  • Local exhaust ventilation equipment

  • Lift and lifting equipment

  • Pressure plant

  • General work equipment

Deterioration of stock

Our deterioration of stock policy covers your business for loss of or damage to goods in cold storage, due to the breakdown of refrigeration machinery.

What we cover

  • Deterioration caused by a rise or fall in temperature due to breakdown, accidental damage, or non operation of refrigeration equipment

  • Accidental failure of the public electricity supply

  • Deterioration caused by the action of escaping refrigerant fumes


Computer equipment is integral to the smooth operation of any large business today, and our computer policy will provide cover for loss or damage to equipment and data.

What we cover

  • ‘All risks’ cover for all types of computer equipment

  • Additional expenditure incurred from the increased cost of working and recompiling or restoring data

  • Additional expenditure incurred following failure of electricity or telecommunications linked to computer equipment

  • Extends to include computer equipment in transit worldwide

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Build a package of benefits for your employees and their dependants.

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