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My Zurich

My Zurich is one of the most intuitive and dynamic risk management centres – enabling you to explore, manage and react to your risk information and global regulations, all from one place.

By drawing together real-time overviews of your whole portfolio, including all policies, claims and risk engineering actions, you can drill down to review specific details such as a single policy document. This interconnectivity of information enables you to monitor:

  • Policy, invoice issuance and premiums by country or insurance programme;

  • The implementation status of insurance programmes;

  • Claims linked to particular policies;

  • Policy premiums in programme and local currencies; and

  • All documentation for download, including policies, invoices and certificates.

You can make more informed decisions with policy content based on historical, current and upcoming underwriting years. You can also review the complete claims history of your organisation, from a global overview right down to specific claims detail.

My Zurich also enables access to global Risk Engineering expertise and risk improvement actions.

The My Zurich application is available at and your Global Relationship Leader (GRL) is available to provide a demonstration and organise licences and access.

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Zurich Multinational Insurance Application (Zurich MIA)

Help your international insurance programmes remain in line with local regulations around the globe through our award-winning online application, Zurich MIA.

You can remain in control, through continuously updated information about insurance and tax regulations, in countries where the insurer is not licenced or otherwise authorised to conduct insurance business.

Zurich MIA enables you to:

  • Align your insurance solutions with local conditions;

  • Access the latest information about insurance and tax regulations in all countries; and

  • Gain a clear real-time understanding of your situation.

The Zurich MIA App is available at and is available in the App Store for free download.

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Zurich Onsite

Zurich Onsite – the game changing new risk engineering tool.

Zurich Onsite is an innovative tool that Zurich risk engineers use to carry out risk assessments when they are at your location. It increases the transparency of the whole risk assessment process, and enables you to obtain better insights from a site visit than ever before. You’ll be able to have more informed conversations with your risk engineer during the visit, and receive and act upon their recommendations faster than in the past, which will help you and your business successfully deliver your loss prevention strategy.

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Zurich Risk Advisor

‘Zurich Risk Advisor (formerly known as ‘Zurich What If..?’) makes risk assessment easier to understand and provides you with insights and recommended practices that enable you to carry out self-assessments. It is a key element of our support at the risk assessment stage.

With Zurich Risk Advisor you can:

  • carry out on-site or remote self-risk assessments, using Zurich’s tried-and-tested risk grading methodology

  • prioritize risk improvement actions by seeing their impact on your risk grading

  • view your assessment results on the My Zurich customer portal*

  • share your self risk assessment reports with key risk stakeholders by email

  • access recommended practices, risk insights* and industry benchmarks.

Available free via the App Store.

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Zurich Risk Room

Zurich Risk Room is an award winning risk assessment tool that analyses more than 70 individual business, economic, political, social, environmental, and technological risks and covers over 150 countries around the world.

The innovative tool models and illustrates complex risk interconnections that can have profound implications for global organisations, ranging from energy price fluctuations and water shortages to famines and political unrest.

A newly created, mobile version of Zurich Risk Room gives users a demonstration of what the full version of the tool can do with pre-set data and risk scenarios in several key categories, such as:

  • Natural catastrophe and disaster management;

  • Supply chain disruption; and

  • Regulatory imbalances.

The mobile Zurich Risk Room App is available in the App Store for free download.

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Zurich Virtual Literature Rack

The Zurich Virtual Literature Rack (VLR) is a unique online electronic library of product brochures, fact sheets, risk insights, white papers and article reprints available for customers, prospects, brokers and others.

In service since 2009, the VLR is a large and rapidly growing repository of Zurich literature and thought-leadership materials. The virtual ‘shelves’ are organised by country or region, customer size (large corporate or mid-sized business) and categories, from ‘Accident & Health’ to ‘Zurich Fleet Intelligence.’ Materials can be read online, downloaded and emailed to other recipients, printed on the user’s office printer or ordered in hard-copy form, in some instances.

An iPad version of the popular online tool provides access to the same information anywhere and anytime. Like the online version,the iPad-friendly, mobile App allows users to save favourite items and provides frequent updates about what’s new and what’s popular.

The Zurich Virtual Literature Rack(VLR) is available at and as a free mobile App in the App store.

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Zurich Risk Panorama

Zurich Risk Panorama opens the door to a better understanding of your risk profile through a series of tailored, interactive and dynamic analyses. Zurich Risk Panorama spans fundamental risk management topics and demonstrates the ways Zurich’s wide range of expertise can help you to master your risks.

  • By displaying the risks that are most relevant to your industry, illustrating how they have evolved over time and how they could affect your risk profile, we can help you to optimise your risks and make better informed decisions.

  • Our benchmarking analysis compares you with your peers, identifies your most risky locations and establishes the risk factors that you need to consider in order to make improvements.

  • Undertaking a loss analysis is fundamental to continuously improving your business. Our analysis will enable you to compare your business with your industry peers and gain insights into Zurich’s claims experience.

  • A Natural Hazards Overview allows you to gain an understanding of your exposure to natural hazards and to identify the areas where you should focus your attention.

  • We can carry out several analyses to ensure your value chain is not at risk. This initial overview will give you a better understanding of the most common causes of disruption for your industry and identify the physical and non-physical supply chain risks for the countries where most of your suppliers are located. We can also map your suppliers and link them to your locations, giving you an initial look at any potential weak links.

  • Regulatory Landscape gives you a high level view of the regulatory requirements of the countries you are located in.

  • Our Captive Insights will provide you with benchmark information while considering a captive formation or reviewing your current captive strategy.

Risk Panorama is an internal Zurich App that customers can gain access to via their main contact.

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