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Employee Benefits

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The Zurich Employee Benefits Network (ZEBN) is a global network of market-leading insurance companies with a proven track record of delivering competitively priced, high-quality products and services to corporate clients in more than 100 territories.

What we offer your business

International programs include reinsured pooling and captive solutions, benefits for expatriates and mobile employees and local risk, savings and pension plans, all of which can be tailored to the needs of multinational companies.

More details about our solutions


Works by combining the financial performance of a customer’s pooled benefit plans into a consolidated account that measures credits (primarily premiums paid) against debits (claims paid, increase in reserves, insurer expenses, broker commissions and taxes).


For companies that do not have enough business to set up their own pool immediately, ZEBN offers a collective pool which combines the contracts of a number of customers for accounting purposes to smooth risk and generate dividends for the participants.


Zurich Global Corporate and ZEBN offer a full range of fronting and reinsurance solutions to multinational companies and their captives as part of our ‘One Zurich’ approach. For example, rather than assessing life and non-life lines separately when setting collateral requirements, we consider the global relationship across all product lines, which means we require less security from the captive.