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Risk Engineering - the Zurich way

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Risk management

Risk Engineering – the Zurich way

Zurich’s risk management methodology is a process of continuous improvement and it starts with risk identification. Then, taking into account a number of factors, we assess and grade your exposures, which helps you prioritise and manage your risks. Our findings allow us to share relevant insights based on best practice, industry benchmarks and loss history. We will suggest risk improvement actions to help you mitigate the risks. The process then begins again to ensure that you always have an effective loss prevention strategy and improvement actions in place.

Offering a full range of services from on-site assessments to board-level advice, our team of risk engineers work in partnership with our global customers, often over many years, building up a wealth of in-depth knowledge and insights. This allows us to provide the best advice to help you protect the business you love and make more informed investment decisions around your risk management strategy.

Products and services backed by 75 years of industry experience


  • Property (fire, security) risk assessments

  • Natural Hazard risk assessments

  • Highly Protected Risk (HPR) assessments

  • Machinery Breakdown risk assessments

  • Risk Grading and Benchmarking

  • Business Interruption risk assessments


  • General, Product and Environmental risk assessments

  • Product Recall and Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Risk Grading and Benchmarking

  • Contractor Liability risk assessments

  • Life Safety surveys

Motor fleet

  • Motor Fleet risk assessments

  • Zurich Fleet Intelligence

  • Private Passenger Vehicle risk management

  • Root Cause assessment analysis

  • Driving Strategy training


Marine risk analysis:

  • Cargo Packing

  • Container Stow and Load

  • Supply Chain Security

  • Marine Terminal Operations

  • Project Cargo risk management

  • Post Loss assessments

Employee health and safety

  • Health & Safety risk assessments

  • Occupational Health reviews

  • Strategic and Compliance audits

  • Specific Hazard management reviews

  • Accident management

  • Statutory risk assessments

Strategic risk

  • Supply Chain risk assessment and mapping

  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) services

  • Business Interruption Modeling

  • Zurich Hazard Analysis™ (ZHA)

  • Total Risk Profiling® (TRP workshops)

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Diagnostic Assessment and consulting

  • Zurich Velocity ERM software

A global network of experience

  • Over 75 years of risk engineering experience.

  • We have 900 risk professionals with industry expertise operating in 40 countries.

  • Our Risk Engineers carry out over 60,000 site assessments every year.

  • We manage over 800 international Risk Engineering programs globally.

One single point of contact

You will have a single point of contact, a mutually-agreed service plan and regular reviews to discuss performance, trends and future objectives.

You’ll also have access to innovative tools, benchmarking services, risk insights, the latest thought leadership, and all of your risk data through our online My Zurich portal. We are there to support you and to work together to identify new industry trends and innovative ways of managing your total cost of risk.

Zurich What if...? Risk Grading App

Watch the video at the right for an introduction to our groundbreaking "What If…? Risk Grading App". It uses key elements of Zurich Risk Engineering’s risk grading methodology and converts them into a visual representation. This makes risk assessment easier to understand and provides you with insights and best practice.

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