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Fleet of cars

At Zurich, we're proud to be a market leader in motor fleet insurance. This is the result of many years experience and combined with our products which offer flexibility and additional benefits, we are tailored to meet the business demands of our larger corporate customers.

We are committed to working with you to fully understand your risk and through effective risk management, minimise claims and the ultimate cost to your business.

More details about our solutions

Conventional Motor Fleet Insurance

As a market leader in motor fleet insurance, we can offer you a broad range of motor solutions, as well as all forms of alternative risk financing. So whether you’re UK-based or an international organisation, we’ll be able to find the answers to your motor insurance requirements and deliver them in a way that suits you.

With our help, you’ll enjoy first-rate security and efficient and proactive claims service. On top of this, we can offer you a wide range of additional benefits to assist in the smooth running of your fleet, including an innovative risk management package, customer-specific claims management and the ability to deliver international insurance programmes.

Servicing your policy

  • For UK-based customers

    To make sure we deliver a quality service to you in an efficient and consistent manner, we have an experienced team of underwriters and a policy administration department, based in both London and Fareham.

    Looking after your policy will be one senior underwriter, whose responsibilities will include:

    the co-ordination of all Zurich Global Corporate UK departments to promote a seamless service acting as a ‘technical guardian’ to keep you in touch with the latest legislative and market developments proactively troubleshooting any emerging issues being available for meetings and reviews with you and your broker at any time. Our dedicated policy administration department in Fareham is on hand to provide all the documentation you need to run an efficient fleet operation and to give you additional documentation as required throughout the insurance year.

  • For international customers

    There are only a handful of insurers with the global capacity and local representation to offer truly international motor programmes. Zurich is certainly one of these. We underwrite tailor-made programmes for some of the biggest companies in the world, offering localised care with centralised underwriting. Choose our policies, and you’ll have access to specialist underwriters and claims handlers with considerable experience in international fleet. To avoid language, cultural and business practice difficulties you’ll only need to deal with one insurer and have one underwriter on hand to support you whenever you need it.

  • Claims management

    Our approach to claims handling is based on speed, professionalism and fairness. We pride ourselves on our claims expertise and experience, whether we’re the sole insurer, the leading insurer or follow co-insurer.

    Together with underwriting, we aim to build long-term relationships with you and brokers. And by working closely with you, you’ll get a better understanding of our processes and procedures. This leads to a more transparent relationship, which means we can share knowledge and help you manage your cost of risk. So whenever a claim does arise, we’ll involve you every step of the way, resolving it quickly and without complications.

    We actively look to incorporate the claims team into the customer facing, underwriting functions of our business. This approach helps us understand what you need and deliver products and services that are exactly right for you.

  • Risk engineering

    We understand our customers often find themselves carefully balancing the legal demands of fleet risk management with the pressures of the modern day business environment. Our Risk Engineering team are on hand to work with you to help you manage work-related road risk. Taking a proactive approach to managing work-related road safety can benefit your business through reduced risk of harm to your employees, better compliance with legislation, reduction in costs to your business and improved social responsibility.

    As with any area of risk, a well-planned approach is better than introducing a series of control measures that do not address the real issues. We will work with you to identify, analyse and understand the risks you face. You will then be in a position to manage them effectively, helping reduce the number of collisions and ultimately the various costs to your business.

Non-Conventional Motor Fleet Insurance

We take an innovative and open-minded approach to business and will consider most forms of non-conventional motor fleet programmes, including:

  • Captive-fronted reinsurance programmes
  • Aggregate deductible
  • Cross class deductible
  • Reimbursement programmes
  • Third Party conventional accounts with own damage claims handling facilities
  • Accident management services

Motor Insurance Database

EU legislation requires you as a policyholder to supply the individual details of every vehicle that you operate or are responsible for. In the UK, the Motor Insurance Database (MID) holds details of the insurance arrangements in place for every vehicle on our roads, making it possible to identify the insurer liable to meet a claim from the registration mark of the vehicle.

Since its implementation, it has also developed into a significant tool to combat uninsured motorists, reducing their numbers on the road and the associated costs to the industry and you, for compensating victims of accidents involving them. The Police and the DVLA actively use the database, making millions of enquiries each month for reasons such as enforcing compliance or to enable vehicles to be taxed on-line. The development and ongoing management of the MID is carried out on behalf of the insurance industry by the Motor Insurers' Bureau.

Zurich has developed an internet-enabled solution, which allows you to comply with the requirements of the legislation. Our solution enables you to enter our secure website using a password and user identification, access your unique client record and add your vehicle details. We then combine these details with your cover details and transmit them to the MID on a daily basis.

If you are already a registered user of our website please access where you can log on and use our database.

Otherwise, please contact your broker or your usual insurance contact.

Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)

Since 4th February 2011, legislation has been in force which requires the registered keeper of a vehicle to ensure insurance cover is maintained on it at all times, unless a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been made.

If a vehicle is not on the Motor Insurance Database (MID), incorrect details are held or a SORN has not been declared, the registered keeper could face a penalty.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are working in partnership to identify uninsured vehicles by comparing the DVLA vehicle records against those held on the MID.

Registered keepers will be sent Insurance Advisory Letters highlighting that their vehicle(s) appear to be uninsured and warning they may be fined unless they take action. If keepers fail to comply with the advice set out in the letters they could face:

  • a fixed penalty notice of £100;
  • their vehicle(s) being clamped, seized and disposed of;
  • a court prosecution with a maximum fine of £1,000

To avoid any of these outcomes, please continue to ensure your vehicle records on the MID are correct and up to date.

How can the MID details be checked to ensure they are correct?

If you have access to the Zurich MID website facility for your fleet, log on to it at and check that all of your vehicles appear on the current vehicle schedule.

If not, you can check the central MID for specific vehicles at

If the recorded details are incorrect, or vehicles you operate are not on the database at all, you should contact your fleet manager or your usual contact within your organisation that provides the vehicles or handles the operation of your fleet, to ensure the MID is updated on your behalf immediately. It will depend on how your insurance is arranged as to who will have access to our website to update the information.

For more information on CIE please visit