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At Zurich we want employees that are healthy, happy and motivated in their work because we see a happy workforce as a productive workforce. We have a responsibility to drive workplace interventions that support employees on their journey towards health. These interventions provide individuals with the tools and awareness to take action across the areas of physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing.

Mental Health

We know that many of our employees will be affected by poor mental health at some point in their lives and we have taken a number of steps to support them. Over 100 of our employees have trained as Mental Health First Aiders, and close to 400 employees have gone through Mental Health Awareness training. We have an employee assistance programme that offers free and confidential counselling in addition to dedicated employee work-life/wellness resources such as articles, self-assessments, etc. We’ve partnered with Headspace and Place2Be to offer awareness and mindfulness sessions to our employees. We’ve signed the Mindful Employer Charter showing our dedication to Mental Health in the workplace and we were one of the first companies to sign the government's loneliness Employers Pledge – showing our commitment to minimising the effects of isolation of the wellbeing of our employees. We’ve established an employee mental health network 'Minds Matter' that educates and contributes to the reduction of stigma amongst our employee group.

Physical health

We’ve introduced new benefits including free flu jabs and gym memberships to help out employees keep well.  Yoga, pilates, running clubs and physiotherapy is are offered in a number of our offices. We run an annual Wellbeing Week where employees are encouraged to engage in a range of activities that promote health and wellbeing. We offer a number of flexible working patterns e.g. agile working, part-time working, job sharing and compressed hours. Our employee assistance programme 'LIfeWorks' encourages employees to make healthy choices through diet and exercise recommendations.

Financial health

As a financial services organisation, Zurich UK is committed to providing guidance and tools to help employees manage short, medium and long term financial priorities. We do this through our employee assistance programme app.

Health and safety

Zurich believes good Health & Safety management is an important element of being a responsible and sustainable company. This contributes to our business performance by reducing injuries and absences due to ill health.

In particular Zurich:

  • Protects the health & safety of employees and other persons in Zurich occupied properties and buildings 

  • Meets health & safety legal and regulatory requirements; striving to exceed them where possible 

  • Regularly assesses the health & safety risks arising from business activities as the basis for making continuous improvements 

  • Provides appropriate health & safety training 

  • Maintains a communication process for health & safety concerns and takes account of views expressed by employees. 

As an insurance and risk management provider, we also share our expertise with our commercial customers around health and safety best practice and are in regular dialogue with the health and safety Executive.