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Flexible working at Zurich

We know that a culture that encourages and supports flexible working benefits both our business and our employees. Over 10% of our UK employees work part-time and we have empowered all our people to embrace agile working.

Flexing your hours or location

All new vacancies are available on a part-time, job-share or full-time basis because we know the best person for the job isn’t always available full-time.

Anyone who already works for us - regardless of hours or length of service - can ask to:

  • Change the days they work
  • Change the hours/times they work
  • Work from home (whether for all or part of the week)
  • Change to part-time, full-time or a job-share

Our aim is to facilitate requests wherever possible and an employee’s manager will consider a request on an individual basis.

Where we aren’t able to accommodate a request we’ll explain why and try and find an compromise. A request will only be declined if there is a business reason, such if there’s a detrimental effect on the business’ ability to meet customer demand, or an inability to reorganise work among existing staff.


FlexWork is our agile working programme, and empowers our people to work where, when and how they choose, as long as they are able to fulfill business and customer commitments. We view work as an activity rather than a place and believe that empowering our employees to take control of their day is part of what makes Zurich a great place to work. It utilises technology to enable true flexibility.

It might mean…

  • Flexing your location – work from a different Zurich, customer or broker office, or at home
  • Flexing your working hours – starting later so that you can fit in a trip to the gym and then make up the time later in the day
  • Flexing how you work – going green and saving time and money too by using a webcam instead of travelling to a meeting