Responsible supply chain


Zurich is committed to a procurement process that takes into account the economic, social, diversity and environmental impacts of the purchasing activity. 

Procurement activities therefore:

  • incorporate appropriate evaluation criteria to assess the products we buy on a lifetime cost basis, taking into account CR factors, delivery of best value and compliance with relevant legislation
  • develop an understanding of the environmental and social impacts of the goods and services we buy and implement processes to optimise these factors on a continuing basis
  • ensure we work actively with our suppliers to enhance CR performance throughout the supply chain.
  • we do this by inviting them to take part in our new CR accreditation process – if they reach the required level we award them with a gold, silver or bronze award, depending on their CR performance.
  • We are the only insurer to sign up to the Social Enterprise UK’s ‘Buy Social Corporate Challenge’ and we have spent over £3m with social enterprises since 2016.