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Fostering resilience

Global Risks Report

Zurich is a Strategic Partner of the Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum. The 2017 report highlighted rising income inequality, societal polarization and climate change as the top three risks which were identified through the annual survey in which some 750 experts assessed 30 global risks.

To read the report click here.

Interactive flood guide

Flood Guide


Natural disasters are an obvious area where we can employ our expertise to make a significant difference by helping our customers understand and protect themselves from risk. The Zurich Group’s global flood resilience program is one way we do this. Through this program we have made a five-year commitment that aims to enhance community flood resilience, which includes finding innovative ways to make flood risk reduction efforts more effective. For more information click here. Our UK flood guide complements this work – it provides useful, straightforward advice for homeowners to prepare for a flood, act in the event,and begin recovery. It builds on lessons learned from significant flooding in recent years, such as Gloucestershire in 2007 and the UK-wide floods of 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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At the end of 2016 we released a report on the lessons to be learned from Storm Desmond in 2015.  It can be accessed here.


Fostering resilience - housing

We are currently working alongside the Metropolitan Police to discuss best practice in designing out anti-social behaviour and gang crime in social housing. Our Design Guide  looks at how changes, such as improved street lighting, can mitigate these risks and develop thriving communities.

For social housing landlords, it is essential to gain an understanding of which property-related risks can cause the most significant losses to a portfolio when it comes to improving effective risk-management. In light of this we have published a Housing Operational Risk Guide, designed to help make decisions about key risks and assist in risk profiling, to protect your housing association.

We also ran a series of customer educational webinars throughout 2016 on key topics, designed to help our customers improve their resilience in respect of key risks such as Escape of Water and Modern Methods of Construction.

Prevention is better than a large loss

Local government is facing perhaps its greatest challenge, as heavily constrained finances mean difficult decisions are set to continue. We have a long heritage of supporting local authority leaders and risk managers through difficult times helping them identify the risks they face and how to mitigate against and manage those risks.

As part of this commitment, our 2016 Senior Managers’ Risk Report is our 4th annual report where we talk to senior executives at local authorities to understand their issues and concerns. We also give regular updates for Risk Managers as part of our 'New World of Risk: Change for Good' series. These guides are available for free.

Free risk guides

We provide free risk guides on a variety of subjects, from sprinkler systems to cyber risks to pot holes.

Supporting customers on broader business areas

We frequently support customers with their media and HR issues using our own internal experts. Threats from the media, big or small, can affect any business and a timely and nuanced response can make all the difference – especially when a sensitive claim is involved. For example, our media team recently supported a school bursar when dealing with a press enquiry relating to a student injury. Likewise, our HR business partners continue to advise customers on succession planning and talent development for all ranks for their employees.

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