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Corporate Responsibility in business transactions

Our role as in insurer

We work with our customers, brokers and other distribution partners to ensure responsible and sustainable business practices. We aim to protect reputations, while promoting best practices in managing environmental, social and governance risks. We promote international best practice standards to ensure that potentially adverse social, environmental and economic impacts are adequately managed. For more information click here.

Our role as an investor

Responsible investment is integral to our investment philosophy and approach. For us, it is about managing our assets of approximately USD 200 billion in a way that creates sustainable value - in other words, to do well and do good. When we do ‘well’, we generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our customers and shareholders and when we do ‘good' we have a positive impact on society and the communities where we live and work. For more information click here.

Working with our suppliers

Zurich is committed to a procurement process that takes into account the economic, social, diversity and environmental impacts of the purchasing activity. Procurement activities therefore:

  • Incorporate appropriate evaluation criteria to assess the products we buy on a lifetime cost basis, taking into account CR factors, delivery of best value and compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Develop an understanding of the environmental and social impacts of the goods and services we buy and implement processes to optimise these factors on a continuing basis.
  • Ensure we work actively with our suppliers to enhance CR performance throughout the supply chain. We do this by inviting them to take part in our new CR accreditation process – if they reach the required level we award them with a gold, silver or bronze award, depending on their CR performance.
  • We are the only insurer to sign up to the Social Enterprise UK’s ‘Buy Social Corporate Challenge’ and we have spent over £3m with social enterprises since 2016.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about Zurich’s Corporate Responsibility Policy in the UK, please contact the Corporate Responsibility team.