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At Zurich we provide advice, services and products that are designed to ensure our customers get the help they really need when it matters.

We support many different kinds of customers, from individuals to small, medium and large businesses to international and global organisations. We also insure the majority of the UK's infrastructure including local government, housing associations, schools colleges and universities and much of the charity and voluntary sector. We work closely with these organisations to manage risk and uncertainty for the benefit of our customers and the communities they serve.

Responsible investment

Responsible investment is integral to our investment philosophy and approach. For us, it is about managing our assets of approximately USD 200 billion in a way that creates sustainable value - in other words, to do well and do good. When we do ‘well’, we generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our customers and shareholders and when we do ‘good' we have a positive impact on society and the communities where we live and work.

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