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Waste Minimisation

Recycling progress

UK locations continue to implement their local environmental action plans. Our waste contractor has also maintained an integrated approach to managing our various waste streams as well as the provision of reliable information. Not only do we now have more accurate figures for our locations, but these provide evidence of various improvements on previous years. We continue to work with our waste contractor to look at further opportunities of recycling.

Waste 2014 2015 
Tonnes  784.10  780.63
kg/fte  175 155
% recycled  58% 59% 

Water minimisation

Since 2008, analysis of water consumption at larger sites has been facilitated using a detailed spreadsheet, showing figures based on accurate consumption and occupancy figures for the location.

Waterless urinal systems have been installed to those locations that are suitable. In other locations, movement detectors have been installed that trigger the flushing. A programme of works to install tank bags to all WC cisterns that are not dual flush has been successfully completed and flow restrictors have been fitted in all washroom facilities.

Water minimisation results

In 2017 we will continue to install remote metering at all major locations so any significant variations in consumption will be noted within a few hours and corrective action can be taken. Targeting and monitoring water in this way is expected to produce additional savings.

              2014 2015
M³  50,572 49,630
M³ per FTE  11 10

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