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Commuting and business travel

We continue to review our travel plans to ensure they accurately reflect current commuter patterns, aiming not only to reduce pollution but also to take account of local restrictions on commuter car parking. As part of our flexible benefits scheme we offer our employees a ‘Cycle2Work’ option that allows employees to purchase a bike and save at least 30% of the NI and tax liability.

We provide our employees with the ‘Jambusters’ car share database, incentivising car sharing with guaranteed parking spaces.

Business travel

We continue to monitor the level of business miles travelled whether by air, road or rail in an effort to manage down our activity and reduce the environmental impacts. In October 2005, the first car with a ‘petrol/electric hybrid engine’ joined the Zurich car fleet of over 3,000 cars and we continue increasing the number of ‘green’ cars into our fleet.

Strong cost saving initiatives coupled with the promotion of improved telephone and video conferencing facilities have been implemented in order to reduce the amount of business travel.

              2014 2015
CO2 tonnes  6,986.82 9,309.13 
CO2 tonnes per person  1.04 1.38

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