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Diversity and inclusion

At Zurich we celebrate the diversity of our customers through a people culture that embraces inclusiveness and allows people to bring their ‘whole self’ to work.

To demonstrate the commitment to our diversity programme each of our employee networks is sponsored by a member of our executive team and our UK CEOs form the steering group which shapes the D&I strategy.

In 2014 we rolled out a Working Inclusively for Sustainable Excellence e-learning module designed to help our UK employees identify and break down the barriers of stereotypes. Over 97% of our UK employees have completed this training so far.

We have also launched an Inclusive Leadership programme to our UK senior management team. This has received an excellent reception and we are rolling this programme out to our people managers over the next 12 months.

  • Employee networks

    We have four established employee networks:

    • GLEE (our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender network) plays a pivotal role in providing mentoring support to its members, as well as reviewing our employee policies to ensure they are delivering for everyone.

    • The Women’s Innovation Network (UK WIN) is our largest network with over 300 members in the UK and 5,000 globally. WIN’s mission is to create equal career development opportunities for both women and men, and to create tangible business value by improving gender diversity amongst our senior managers. WIN runs a number of events each year including Speed Mentoring, Personal Impact workshops and up-skilling webinars.

    • Our Disability Inclusion Group (DIG) is committed to improving products and services for our customers in addition to shaping our recruitment and retention processes so they fully support our employees with disabilities. The group is open to all employees and includes both disabled and non-disabled employees.

    • The UK population is becoming more diverse and it’s important that we reflect this. Our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Group is committed to increasing our ethnic diversity through a strong focus on recruitment and retention, so we can better understand the needs of our customers and ultimately deliver more innovative and diverse services.

    As well as our networks, we have a range of initiatives that we are working on across the UK and globally, to ensure our workplace is inclusive for all of our employees and our customers, including unconscious bias training and recruitment initiatives.

    In addition to this, we use our Diversity & Inclusion policy to shape and implement all our policies, practices and procedures, so that no-one is disadvantaged or excluded.

  • Membership of external bodies

    As members of the Business Disability Forum, the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion, the Chartered Insurance Institute and Payroll Alliance, we have access to best practice information and professional advice and guidance on workplace issues.

    We are eligible to use the Job Centre Plus ‘Two Ticks” symbol in our recruitment advertising which means that we guarantee to interview any disabled applicant who meets the minimum criteria for vacancies.

    In 2014 Zurich achieved 14th place in the Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies to work for, the fifth year in a row that we have featured in this list.

  • Our Diversity and Inclusion policy

    The Scope of our Diversity & Inclusion policy

    Our Diversity & Inclusion policy applies to all areas of our work. From our employees, job applicants, contractors, people employed through agencies to our distributors and supplier chains. It covers all aspects of employment and partnership work, including employee and agency recruitment, training, career development, performance management, promotion and pay and benefits.

    Our Diversity & Inclusion policy objectives

    The key objectives of our policy are:

    • To encourage our people to develop their skills regardless of their gender, marital status, ethnic or national origin, nationality, race, religious belief, political opinion, spent convictions, disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, age, part-time working or any other non-job related consideration

    • To appoint and promote people based only on merit

    • To make sure all employees have equal opportunity to develop and progress within Zurich

    • To make sure that no-one’s conditions of employment, contracting and pay discriminates against them

    • To make any deliberate discriminatory action a serious disciplinary offence

    • To comply with employment law relating to equal opportunities.

    Our Diversity & Inclusion policy provides:

    • Clear guidelines to prevent discrimination in all areas of employment and business

    • A simple procedure for our people to follow if they feel they are being discriminated against.
  • Workforce statistics

    Workforce statistics

    • Females employed 46%

    • Females in management 37%

    • Part time 10%

    • Ethnic minorities 4% (self identifying)

    • Disabled 2% (self identifying)

    • Employee absenteeism 2%

    • Employee turnover (voluntary) 9%

    • Employee turnover (compulsory) 3%

    Workforce number by age

    • 65 plus = 18

    • 55 - 64 = 653

    • 45 - 54 = 1815

    • 35 - 44 = 2094

    • 25 - 34 = 1984

    • 16 - 24 = 686

  • Interesting facts

    Interesting facts

    • 10% of our workforce work formal part time / flexible working patterns – a significantly higher number work flexibly on an informal basis.

    • 90% of employees flexed their benefits to suit their lifestyle and personal requirements.

    • 1259 employees recruited in 2014 including 31 into our graduate development programme and 36 apprentices.

    • 86% of Zurich’s vacancies at technical and professional levels filled internally.

    • 37% of employees bought additional holiday and 8% of employees sold holiday.

    • 62% of employees on long term sickness absence, returned within six months with rehabilitation support.