Making a claim frequently asked questions

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about making a claim.

Making a Group Income Protection claim

How do I make a claim?

A call to your dedicated case manager is all it takes to make a claim. If you don’t know who your dedicated case manager is, please call us on 0800 181 4004 or email us at including the name of the absent employee, date of incapacity and reason for absence.

How long will the assessment of the claim take?

Once we’ve undertaken the initial employer and employee calls and received the members consent, we can then request medical evidence to support the claim. Waiting for medical practitioners to complete and return reports may take a few months and may take a little longer if the member wants to view the report before it’s released to Zurich.

What do you tell the member about the policy?

We will answer general questions about Group Income Protection with a member so they have an understanding of the claim that is being made on their behalf by their employer. We will only share specific details about the cover in place with the policy holder and will always direct the member back to their normal HR contact if they have any specific queries in this respect.

What happens when you make a decision?

When a decision is made on the claim, this would be communicated to the employer to pass the decision onto their employee. When a claim is accepted, we will provide a copy of the benefit calculation, initial payment to be made and let you know when we next plan to review the claim.

When and who do you pay benefit to once a claim is in payment?

We pay benefit to the policy holder who would process the payment via their normal payroll. Monthly benefit is made in arrears each month and paid via BACS, normally on the 20th of each month. If the member is a partner, we can arrange for benefit to be paid to them directly.

How often do you review a claim once it’s in payment?

This can vary as it depends on a member’s illness or injury, treatment and expected recovery time. Once in payment, typically this first review would be within 3 months or possibly longer if we know when treatment is coming to an end. Future review dates of a claim may move to every 6 months or more for longer term claims.

How often will you keep us updated?

Following the initial employer call, we will provide an update on a regular basis including once we’ve completed the employee call, upon receipt of medical evidence and once a claim decision or ongoing review has been completed. You can also ask for an update on a claim at any time.

What happens when a member is ready to return to work?

You would need to call your dedicated claim case manager to discuss how the return to work can be best supported.

What happens when a claim reaches the end of its term?

We will let you know when this is approaching and confirm the final amount to be paid so you can liaise with your employee and update them on when their payments will cease.

Making a Group Life claim

One of our employees has passed away whilst abroad, what do I need to do?

If the employee passed away whilst in a foreign country, we will need the original foreign death certificate with any translations. We may have further additional requirements, but your case manager will let you know what these may be and will work with you to finalise the claim efficiently.

Am I able to make a group life claim without the original death certificate?

We have access to the online death registry and in the majority of cases we will be able to validate the death using this. If an interim certificate has been issued, don’t worry we can accept these but we will need to be provided with the original certificate eventually.