Group Life frequently asked questions

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our Group Life policy.

What is the minimum number of employees required to offer spouse/partner cover? 

We can provide spouse/partner cover for schemes with a minimum of 250 employees eligible to apply for the benefit.

Do you still provide cover for employees who are temporarily absent from work?

If a member is away from work and you still regard them as an employee of an employer included in the policy and continue to pay premiums in respect of them, we will maintain cover where the absence is a result of illness or injury up to the terminating age, or where the absence is for any other reason for 36 months. On your request the period that cover continues during absence:

  • as a result of illness and injury can be reduced
  • for any other reasons can be reduced to 12 months.

We may agree to extend cover for longer periods in some circumstances.

Does cover for employees increase if they are temporarily absent from work and if so by how much?

During a period of temporary absence, cover can increase up to a yearly maximum of either the general level of standard company pay increases for all employees, or up to 6%, whichever is the lesser.

In some cases schemes may have requested different policy terms, so please refer to your scheme’s terms if you are unsure or speak to your HR representative to request this information.