Group Income Protection frequently asked questions

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our Group Income Protection policy.

Do you still provide cover for employees who are temporarily absent from work?

An employee who is temporarily absent due to injury or illness is a potential claim under the scheme.

If an employee is away from work for reasons other than illness or injury (including maternity or paternity leave or holiday) and is still receiving pay, we will treat them as a Member for up to 12 months’ temporary absence.

Their cover will be the amount of benefit the policy provided on the day before their absence began. We may agree to include a Member for longer than 12 months in some circumstances, for example if they are:

  • called up as a regular reservist, a volunteer reservist, or
  • seconded to work that we agree is of national importance.

If an employee is away for reasons other than illness or injury (typically if on a sabbatical) and is not receiving pay, you must tell us if you want to continue to include them so we can agree the terms.