Continuous insurance enforcement

What is changing?

From 4th February 2011, legislation requires the registered keeper of a vehicle to ensure insurance cover is maintained at all times, unless a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been made.

If a vehicle is not on the Motor Insurance Database (MID), incorrect details are held or a SORN has not been declared, the registered keeper could face a penalty.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will work in partnership to identify uninsured vehicles by comparing the DVLA vehicle records against those held on the MID.

Registered keepers will be sent insurance advisory letters highlighting that their vehicle(s) appear to be uninsured and warning they may be fined unless they take action. If keepers fail to comply with the advice set out in the letters they could face:

  • a fixed penalty notice of £100
  • their vehicle(s) being clamped, seized and disposed of
  • a court prosecution with a maximum fine of £1,000

To avoid any of these outcomes, please continue to ensure you advise us of any vehicle changes in a timely manner. 

How can the MID details be checked to ensure they are correct?

To check if a specific vehicle is on the MID, visit

If recorded details are incorrect, or are not on the database at all, you should contact the Zurich office shown on your certificate of motor insurance, to ensure the MID is updated on your behalf immediately.

For more information on CIE please visit