ZMID frequently asked questions

Error messages

On/off cover date exceeds policy term

This error message appears if you select an “on cover date” or an “off cover date” for a vehicle that is outside of your policy term. Select Policy Details from the menu on the left of the screen to see the start and end dates of your policy. You must ensure the vehicle start date is on or after the policy start date. The off cover date can be left blank if necessary as it is not mandatory.

Invalid registration number

  • Registration numbers must be consecutive with no spaces e.g. AB12CDE.
  • With new registration marks that relate to the year of registration i.e. AB06CDE you must ensure that the “on cover” date is after the registration date. March registrations follow the years i.e. March 2015 = AB15CDE and September registrations started at 51 in 2001 so September 2015 is AB65CDE. A vehicle with registration AB15CDE must therefore have an on cover date after 01.03.2015.

You do not have access to any policies

This means you have not been linked to any policies on ZMID. Please contact your broker or underwriter in the first instance. Please note it may take up to 48hrs to set up an account.

Logon not authorised

This means your account has not yet been set up. Please note it may take up to 48hrs to set up an account. Contact your broker or underwriter if the problem persists.

Invalid credentials

Check you are using the correct user ID (most IDs start with “GB” or “ZMD”) and the most recent password on your account if you have multiple users. If the problem persists, try resetting your password using the Forgotten Password option on the home page. If this still doesn’t work please call our helpdesk on 0800 085 0597 for a password reset. error

If you experience an error message whilst trying to register via the link sent to you from your Underwriter, please call our helpdesk on 0800 085 0597.

Browser compatibility errors

ZMID is officially supported on Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 only. Functionality may work on other browsers however this has not been extensively tested.

Repeated requests to sign in

This is caused by variations in the IP address during your browsing session. If your internet provider is using dynamic IPs our site will ask you to log back on when it changes. If possible you should try and use a static IP address.

Vehicle information required

Compulsory information

The vehicle registration, vehicle type, date added and date deleted are compulsory fields. Zurich also offer additional fields such as make and model which we strongly recommend you complete for the following reasons:

  1. To assist the Police and other authorised agencies in validating vehicle registrations against make and model;
  2. This may allow us to remove the need for you to submit periodic declarations of vehicle changes to us as the data will be immediately available to us;
  3. Enhancement of our claims handling processes by having full vehicle details available to us.

It is likely this information will form compulsory fields for the MID in the future.

Hire cars and courtesy cars

If you are responsible for the vehicle for 14 days or more then you must add it to ZMID. However you also have a legal obligation to maintain records of all vehicles for which you are responsible for a period of 7 years. You can meet this obligation by adding all vehicles to ZMID.

Plant items

All vehicles registered for road use must be held on the MID, including plant items. If you operate plant items which are not registered for road use, these may be added to our website as unregistered vehicles, for your own reference as well as our use. These items will be retained on our website but will not be transmitted to the MID.

Privately registered vehicles

You must submit details of all vehicles registered for road use that are insured under your Policy. If your Policy includes privately owned or registered vehicles, you will need to ensure that your fleet records include these vehicles.

Staff using their own vehicles on company business

You do not need to submit details of these vehicles to ZMID, as their insurance company will submit the details to the MID separately.


Details of trailers do not need to be transmitted to the MID but they may be added to our website as unregistered vehicles for your own reference, as well as our use.

Vehicles registered in other European countries

Only vehicles registered in the UK should be transmitted to the MID, which includes vehicles registered in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Vehicles that are registered in other countries will be subject to their own legislation.

Trade Plates

There is a specific vehicle type in ZMID for Trade Plates to cater for the fact that they only have 5 characters and will therefore not be recognised as registration numbers. Make/model is not required when entering trade plates.

Adding/updating vehicles

Transferring a personalised number plate between vehicles

You only need to do this if you have provided vehicle make, model etc. and they are going to be different on the new vehicle.

  1. Use the find vehicle facility or go to the remove/update page and click on the registration number. You will be taken to the update vehicle page.
  2. Set the on cover date to the date the number plate transfers to the new vehicle.
  3. Change the vehicle details to those of the new vehicle.
  4. Click the update button at the bottom of the update vehicle page.

When you are returned to the remove/update page you will see TWO entries for the same registration number.

Changing an incorrect registration number

The VRM or registration number is the key to each vehicle record and cannot be amended, therefore you need to delete the incorrect record completely and then add the vehicle again, using the correct registration number.

To delete the incorrect record, use the find vehicle facility on the home page to locate the incorrect vehicle record. Click on the registration number link to view the update vehicle form.

Click the delete button at the bottom of the update vehicle form – a warning will be displayed and must be confirmed, since this facility will remove the record as if it never existed.

Then use the add new vehicle form to enter the correct details.

Produce Schedule page appearing when I try to add a vehicle

This happens if your policy is set up as a Compare and Amend policy only meaning that vehicle details are uploaded in batches rather than individually or if your access settings mean you have view only access. Please contact your underwriter or the helpdesk.

I can’t find the correct make/model when adding a new vehicle

This option is not mandatory. You can select the make/model which is closest to the vehicle or leave this field blank. The only mandatory fields are vehicle registration, vehicle type and on-cover date.

Who can add vehicle information to ZMID?

Outsourcing data submission to a third party

A number of organisations such as vehicle leasing firms, accident management firms and insurance brokers are offering a collation and submission services for the MID. The legal requirement to submit the data rests with you as the Policyholder, therefore should you choose to contract the function to a third party you must ensure that a legally binding contractual relationship exists between you and the third party provider.

Can different offices/subsidiaries upload their own data?

We are more than happy to accept vehicle information from more than one source, but someone should assume responsibility overall to ensure compliance. Each person authorised by you to submit vehicle information will be given a unique user identification and password.

What happens if we leave Zurich?

If you should cancel or lapse your policy with us, transmission of your policy and vehicle details to the MID will cease from us as at the date of cancellation and you should check to ensure it has been replaced by your new insurer. To enable you to download the vehicle schedule or make final historic adjustments, our system will allow you access to our website for 30 days after cancellation before terminating your link.

New users and users leaving the company

It is imperative that you manage the users of our website efficiently, as it is an internet system that can be accessed anywhere. As you are discharging a legal liability on behalf of your organisation, you must restrict access to your MID records to persons who are actively engaged in doing so. You should contact your broker or Zurich underwriter to ensure that new users are added but just as importantly that access for users who no longer need it is terminated immediately.

Add a new user

If you wish to add a new user please contact your broker or underwriter.

Other frequently asked questions

What encryption security does the Zurich website use?

We are using a 128 bit SSL encryption security system that ensures the protection of the customer data.

Who will have access to my vehicle details?

The following parties will have access to your vehicle information:

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau, who regulate the MID in the UK
Authorised Zurich staff
Police and other Government Authorities
Any company appointed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to operate the Motor Insurance Database on their behalf

Via Zurich website
Authorised Zurich staff
Authorised members of your own staff
Any intermediary appointed by you.

Will Zurich decline my claim if the vehicle is not on ZMID?

You have a legal obligation to submit details of vehicle changes to the database and complying with this is a Condition of your Motor Fleet Policy. We would however investigate why a vehicle change had not been declared to us before considering whether we are able to offer indemnity.

How often do we need to notify changes to our schedule of vehicles?

Legislation requires that details of all vehicles are added to the database immediately but it has been agreed that for fleets in the UK that vehicles must be added or removed within 21 days of the effective date. 

Will we face prosecution if Zurich fail to transmit data to MID?

We do not anticipate that you will face prosecution should Zurich fail to transmit the data to the MID as you will have complied with your legal obligation by providing the information to Zurich.

Can I check if the central MID holds details of my vehicles?

Yes, an online facility exists but you can only check your vehicles one at a time - visit

What details does Zurich send to MID and can I check they’re correct?

We are legally obliged to provide the Policyholder’s name, registered address and telephone number if recorded. We also have to provide the on and off dates of your current period of insurance with us. If you wish to check these details and the current vehicle total for your fleet, click the policy details button.

Uploading and extracting data

File formats

The information will need to be submitted in CSV format, which is compatible with a variety of software packages (e.g. Access or Excel). Refer to the input template on the file upload section of this website or a Zurich technical expert.

How to export all vehicles currently registered on the site

Click on Produce Schedule on the left hand menu. This allows you to download your full schedule of vehicles

Invalid number of columns

I have sent a file to you and received an email back with the message 'invalid number of columns' - what does this mean?The file could not be processed because of one of the following:

  • The file is not in CSV format
  • The file is in CSV format but does not have 21 fields (columns) in each row
  • The file does have 21 fields (columns) but does not have 21 corresponding commas
  • The file does not have an empty row at the end of the file

Cause of the above problems:

  • Not using our spreadsheet (downloadable from the 'file upload' page on our website) to produce the CSV file
  • Using our spreadsheet but not saving it correctly
  • One or more of the fields (columns) may contain a comma within it
  • You have leading or trailing spaces in one or more fields

If you have chosen to produce your file by means other than our spreadsheet, check the following:

  • Each row must have 21 commas (this includes a comma after the last field)
  • Each field (column) should not exceed the maximum length allowed:
  • Record Type - 1 character
    Update Type - 1 character
    User ID - 7 characters
    Quoteback – not used
    Policy Number - 20 characters
    Foreign Registration Indicator - 1 character
    Vehicle Registration Mark - 12 characters
    Trade Plate Indicator - 1 character
    Vehicle Type - 22 characters
    Vehicle Make - 15 characters
    Vehicle Model - 15 characters
    Vehicle Derivative - 15 characters
    Vehicle Engine Size - 5 characters
    Number of Seats - 3 characters
    Gross Vehicle Weight - 5 characters
    Vehicle Instep Code - 8 characters
    Vehicle On Date - 8 characters
    Vehicle Off Date - 8 characters
    Division - 35 characters
    Annual Mileage - 8 characters
    Estimated Value - 8 characters

  • A blank row must be inserted after the final record