Security and privacy

Security and privacy insurance for your client's organisation

Networks, data, computers and mobile devices are all essential to the running of a business, so why wouldn’t you protect your client's organisation against data and privacy risks?

  • Our appetite

    We consider organisations large or small from across the industry and analyse risk on a case-by-case basis.

  • Our solution

    Zurich Security and Privacy Protection can include:

    • Privacy breach – covers lost income and costs resulting from responding to a breach
    • Security and privacy liability – covers damages from network security and privacy breaches
    • Defence costs for regulatory proceedings
    • PCI DSS payments - set of global standards relating to the security of payment card data. Merchants accepting such payments are obligated to safeguard that data when processing transactions.
    • Emergency costs – covers costs incurred before you can reasonably obtain our written consent
    • Business and dependent business income loss – covers income loss and mitigation costs during network downtime resulting from a system failure
    • Digital asset replacement expenses – covers costs to restore destroyed or corrupted data by a security event
    • Cyber extortion and reward payments – covers reimbursements from extortion payments
    • Cyberterrorism
    • Internet media liability – covers damages resulting from wrongful acts of electronic publishing

    Digital Resolve

    An optional add-on provided under Security and Privacy Protection designed to analyse and gather the right expertise and resources to get your business back on track.

    This includes a global panel of experts from the following disciplines:

    • IT forensics and consultants
    • Data protection, cyber breaches, fraud and security
    • PR
    • Direct mailing companies
    • Credit monitoring
    • Forensic accountants
    • Ransom negotiators

    Zurich International Programmes

    Our global network means we can offer our security and privacy insurance solutions in over 200 countries. Our cross-territory programmes are made to avoid language, cultural and business barriers, consequently leaving customers in control of their overseas coverage.

    Have a look at Our Expertise page for more information.

  • Claims expertise

    Our dedicated claims experts, bespoke major loss and fraud protection teams are there from first call to final resolution, analysing and identifying future solutions.

    Visit Our Expertise page to find out more.