Sales & Retention Masterclasses

Employee engagement and behavioural training programmes with a difference

In association with our partner, Brand Biology, we are pleased to bring you a 1-day Sales & Retention Masterclass created specifically for the Commercial Insurance sector. This course is designed to give you the mind-set, confidence and skills to do things differently.

  • Key course benefits

    • Harness individual personalities, aptitudes & strengths to enhance sales performance
    • Adapt techniques and style to meet the bespoke needs of each customer
    • Use the ActNatural personality model to deliver a differentiated customer experience that drives customer loyalty and advocacy
    • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
    • Reduce complaints
    • Enhance employee engagement
  • About the course

    This one-day course uses practical, hands-on training techniques to help your staff intuitively understand where their clients are coming from and how to then tailor their conversation to that individual to highlight the value that they offer, manage their clients’ expectations and confidently prepare for challenging conversations. By adapting to the individual, advisors can emotionally engage clients, improving conversion rates, retention and ultimately, their bottom lines.

    The courses will take place in the following locations:

    • Leeds (Thursday, 23 May 2019)
    • Birmingham (Tuesday, 2 July 2019)
    • London (Wednesday, 16 October 2019)

    Due to demand we can only offer one space per broker on a first come, first served basis. Once completed, please send your nomination form to

  • About the training provider

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    With over 20 years’ experience in customer and employee experience, Brand Biology specialises in creating behavioural change programmes with a difference. Using experienced forum theatre actors, they show employees how to harness their potential in order to create meaningful and engaging connections with customers, increasing sales and retention whilst providing a competitive advantage. Brand Biology won ‘Best Training Company’ at the 2017 UK Customer Experience Awards.

    For more information about Brand Biology, visit