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You have unique access to a 3-day Zurich Leadership Academy training course designed and delivered by our partner, Performance Associates, to maximise personal performance and increase organisational effectiveness.

  • Key course benefits

    • Understand the causes of stress and how to alleviate them
    • Learn how to present more effectively
    • Become better equipped to understand and manage change
    • Learn how to run an effective meeting
  • About the course

    This 3-day course will take place on 11-13th June 2019 at our new Birmingham office, located at 20 Colmore Circus Queensway, Birmingham B4 6AT

    Day 1

    The first day explores the concept of the 'Corporate Athlete' and the link between high performance in sport and business. We'll talk about how a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind which can make a huge difference in the boardroom.

    The topics of energy levels as a result of sleep, diet, hydration and exercise will be discussed in relation to corporate performance and we'll look to highlight how small changes to lifestyle can make big differences in overall performance.

    Day 2

    Presenting oneself takes centre stage with a specific focus on creating a meeting culture designed to minimise conflict but maximise efficiency. We will also consider the ingredients needed to create a high performing team and the rules needed to promote the highest standards possible.

    Day 3

    The third and final day will specifically consider change from the perspective of logic, emotion and environment. This is an interactive session that examines the psychology that drives real change in both life and business. Many organisations identify areas of improvement, but fail to actually achieve the results they were hoping for. This session will help rectify that for your business.

    Due to demand we can only offer one space per broker. Once completed, please send your nomination form to gbz.distribution.team@uk.zurich.com

  • About the training provider

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    Performance Associates design and deliver training programmes that are aimed at companies, organisations and individuals who are committed to maximising their potential.

    Formed in 2001 by Simon Toy, the company has developed a range of practical tools and techniques based on sound psychological principles that positively impact upon the performance of their clients.

    For more information about Performance Associates, visit www.performanceassociates.co.uk/Who-we-are

    Simon Toy

    It’s what we think that generates how we feel; how we feel determines what we do. Performance Associates works on all three areas to maximise performance

    Simon Toy, Managing Director and Senior Consultant at Performance Associates