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No one values the importance of excellent risk management more than Zurich.

Risk Engineering is the systematic identification, assessment and improvement of risk, aimed at minimising the total cost of risk for Zurich, its business partners and our customers.

It provides our underwriters with the intelligence they need to determine the technical quality and magnitude of risk as part of the risk selection and pricing process. It also offers our business partners and customers risk insights to help improve their own loss prevention and risk management strategies.

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment understanding risk is key not only in safeguarding your clients’ businesses against major losses but also to making effective decisions on their future direction, competitiveness and sustainability.


We operate to the highest standards

If you want proof of our commitment to risk management just look at the size of our team. Zurich is one of the largest technical risk management providers globally, with Risk Engineering teams in over 30 countries, employing over 1,000 field staff.

We believe local knowledge and industry expertise is vital to an effective risk management programme.

Locally we are also one of the largest and most technically diverse risk management organisations directly employing more than 140 field staff across the UK and have a track record stretching back over 40 years.

By partnering Zurich you enjoy access to a powerful and global network with highly-trained technical experts in many fields and industry sectors working to consistent global methodologies.


The services we offer

We work in partnership with our customers and their advisors to develop long-term working relationships that ensure we can respond flexibly to changes in their risk landscape.

Our broad range of capabilities include on-site and remote services to help you deal successfully and holistically with your risks. more »

Whether it’s property protection, occupational health and safety, work-related road risk management or business continuity advice, we can help provide the answer your customers are looking for.


Our claims service

To report all Commercial Lines claims, please call
0800 302 9055

» Our claims service and expertise

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