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As the festive season approaches, there are lots of things your customers can do to help protect the things they truly love.

Here are some useful tips you can pass on to ensure their possessions are wrapped up safe and sound this Christmas…

Peace of mind with cover for Christmas

Home Solutions gives an extra £5,000 of contents cover over the Christmas period to cover gifts. We will increase the sum insured by £5,000 one month before and after Christmas, to cover gifts and related additional purchases.

And if the freezer packs up or there’s a power failure, Home Solutions also covers for the ‘reasonable costs’ of replacing food and drink that has been ruined, so it doesn’t have to ruin festivities for your customers.

Watch out for Santa impersonators

Christmas is a prime for burglars and opportunistic thieves that tend to target households that are left unattended and stocked up with presents.

Advise your clients to:

  • Keep their presents out of site and away from windows and curtains after dark, otherwise their gifts will be on full view for burglars to see
  • Invest in a timer lamp so it looks like someone is home when they go out
  • Double check their doors and windows are locked when they leave the house. Over one in four burglaries occur because the homeowner forgot to lock up properly
  • Get a safe and lock all valuable items away like jewellery, mobile phones and cash
  • Secure outside decorations and lights. Research carried out by GoCompare last year suggested that 12% of homes had external decorations stolen

Did you know that an estimate 80% of burglaries aren’t premeditated – thieves simply spot an opportunity when they see an unattended house.

Once it’s all over

After Christmas, why not ask your customers to take a few minutes to calculate the value of the extra items they have acquired, then check their existing Home insurance cover – does it need to be reviewed or increased?