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“What is the role of an intermediary?”

Bring out your credentials. Highlight to your customers that as an accredited and registered intermediary, you have the skill and knowledge to provide them with the most appropriate insurance service.

“I’ve checked online and I’ve got a cheaper quote. Why are you more expensive?”

If your customer is focused on price only, highlight the likely gaps in their quote. Do they know how much money they could be spending when they add on excesses, charges such as mid-term adjustment fees and APR if they intend to pay by direct debit?

“I change my insurer every year to get the cheapest price.”

Make them aware that you’ll listen to their exact needs and how your expertise could find them the right insurance. Are they aware that the relationships you have with insurers could offer them more choice and a competitive price?

“I can get cashback if I use this website. What can you offer me?”

Not everything is as it seems. Does your customer know that the cashback could be fed back into the premium? Ask your customer to check the quote without it. Remind your customers of the non-financial benefits you can offer them for example, being on hand to answer their questions and guide them through the process.

It’s quicker for me to go online and arrange my insurance – why should I choose an intermediary?

Your expertise could save your customers time in the long run, particularly should the worst happen and they have to make a claim. Highlight the personal service they could receive from you and the reputation you’ve built up with your customer base. Can they be assured they’d receive the same service when they buy online?