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Brokerbox Part 2 - July 2013

Updated July 2013

Think type, not tab

When you’re completing customer quotes, do you tab over some of the data fields or leave defaulted answers in them? Tips to avoid defaults and capture data for accurate quotes

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Closing the gap on aggregators

The top 7 questions you should be asking to uncover what could be hidden costs in your customers' aggregator quotes

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Why choose an intermediary?

A handy guide to print out, email or share with your customers to show them the time, effort and hassle they could save if they choose an intermediary to arrange their insurance.

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What lock have you got?

Many customers are unsure of the type of lock they have on their doors at home. We hope these images will help them more closely identify their home lock type

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Consumer Insurance Act 2012

Frequently asked questions about the Consumer Insurance Act and how it might affect your business

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Intermediary 1…Aggregators 0

Like most intermediaries, you probably get asked the same questions about aggregators and comparing prices from the direct channel. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to give you more tools to handle these objections and highlight to your customers the benefits of choosing an intermediary.

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Toy stories

The millions of Barbies, Action Men and Care Bears in Britain's attics. Do some of them belong to your customers?

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