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Customers: Zurich’s focus is on owners or managers of estates that are professionally and actively managed. The majority of the property should be long leasehold with high-quality tenants and low levels of vacancy. The portfolio will lend itself to a long-term risk-management strategy, mitigating the effects of attritional loss and alleviating the catastrophic perils of flood and subsidence.

Typical risk profile:

  • Very proactive in respect of property protection – in particular in relation to escape of water
  • Long-term interest in their assets
  • Need to uphold their professional reputation and good name

For captives:

  • Focus upon risk management and loss frequency
  • Large investment to protect


  • Alternative Accommodation & Loss of Rent (cash allowance): Many customers have tenants in ‘premier level’ buildings and accommodation. Following a loss it is often desirable and may be necessary, to minimise disruption for these valuable tenants, to find similar alternative accommodation nearby. We will increase the policy limit for this aspect of cover to reflect the increased costs necessary to meet the expected standards. To be equitable, we will also extend the policy to include a cash payment ‘in lieu’ for leaseholders who prefer not to take the alternative accommodation offered
  • Illegal Cultivation of Drugs: This policy covers the damage from the cultivation of illegal drugs as long as the landlord takes reasonable precautions to manage and monitor the premises
  • D&O cover is available for personal liabilities in relation to directors, officers and others whilst managing residential management companies



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