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Customers: Property Owners or Investment/Pension Funds with neither residential nor commercial predominating, Managing Agents who manage portfolios for single clients and self-managed property portfolios

Typical risk profile:

  • Proactive in protecting their property
  • Longer term interest in their assets
  • Seeking consultative relationship with risk adviser


  • Fire damage: Zurich has broad loss-prevention expertise that can greatly enhance the ability to manage out/minimise exposures pre and post loss
  • Waiver of condition of average: provided the insured undertakes a valuation programme as detailed in the policy
  • Loss of market value: allows for optional payment of a cash settlement
  • Privity of contract: Zurich will cover this unforeseen liability to provide indemnity arising from a building previously sold on
  • Adaptation Cover- energy performance and sustainable buildings: Emerging technologies mean even the newest buildings can be improved. This clause allows improvements to be included in reinstatement works to improve performance. It also covers the increased costs incurred where alternative materials are used due to environmental reasons
  • Newly acquired buildings: Provides cover for new purchases (to an agreed limit) on condition that we are identified as soon as possible
  • Inadvertent omission to insure: This provides cover for buildings and rent inadvertently uninsured
  • Legal contingencies : Zurich offers automatic cover for a wide range of frequently encountered title and lease defects. This protects against associated legal expenses and damages



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