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Covering risk in Real Estate goes way beyond the remit of insurance. To keep their assets safe, customers increasingly need to fully understand the current and emerging risks they face. Recognising this as an opportunity for brokers to win and retain customers, Zurich provides you with a whole range of wider risk-related products and services – provided either by us or recognised leaders in other fields. So you have all the expertise you need to become a one-stop service for total risk protection and peace of mind.

Risk Management

Zurich’s 150-strong in-house Risk Engineering team is one of the largest and most diverse risk management functions in the industry. They provide specialist risk-management guidance and mitigation advice on a wide range of issues: from strategic risks that could affect the ability of an organisation to meet its objectives; through to more operational management, such as property protection and health and safety issues that affect customers on a daily basis.

Engineering Inspection and Protection

With over 500 in-house engineer surveyors throughout the UK, we carry out statutory inspections of building services plant and machinery, along with the provision of electrical wiring examinations – helping clients remain compliant and control risks. We also offer a fully bespoke Real Estate Engineering insurance product, with tailored covers and extensions.

Directors' & Officers' Indemnity (D&O)

Directors and Officers’ Indemnity (D&O) Right now, D&O is one of the most relevant insurance products, with directors facing an increasingly litigious society, increased scrutiny from shareholders and an ever evolving legal code. Yet, in spite of an increase in claims, UK directors and company officers may not have adequate liability insurance in place, or even purchase the cover. Zurich’s D&O cover takes away the financial risks faced by directors and officers, giving them protection should an allegation or claim be made against them. This presents brokers with an opportunity for business growth. Visit the D&O page to. » Find out more.

Global Capability

We have the capability to reach 201 territories, through a global network of owned, licensed facilities and trusted partners. We are also able to utilise an integrated global network tool to give customers the confidence of a fully compliant solution with local insurance laws and tax regulation – as well as tracking policy and invoice issuance to ensure the efficient delivery and movement of premium.

Beyond Zurich, we can harness the expertise of recognised leaders in other
risk-related fields to assist in the safeguarding of real estate businesses
for all customer types.

Legal issues

DAC Beachcroft offers a Legal Health Check to help customers understand their legal risks and the impact of legislation on various aspects of a Real Estate business.


4See Environmental can help Real Estate customers to adopt best practice in energy and sustainability in ways that improve their risk profile and help futureproof their property assets.

Property Disputes

DAS can provide legal expense solutions to time consuming and potentially damaging dispute situations, such as repossession, property damage, debt recovery and rent and lease issues

Valuation Advice

Gleeds specialises in valuing properties to make sure they’re not underinsured and helping property owners save tax on capital allowances.


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