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Engineering insurance claims present unusual challenges that require specific claims knowledge. Our Engineering claims team are experts in the specific issues that arise from Engineering risk claims, particularly working with the police to recover stolen plant and the impact of plant failure claims.

We make sure we keep it simple for brokers and customers, through:

  • A single claim reporting number
  • A specialist UK based Construction claims team with dedicated customer handlers
  • Speedy telephone answering rates

 Defending claims can also be a difficult and costly business. That’s why we have specialist teams to help by providing:

  • Access to a wide range of specialist suppliers
  • Expertise in handling claims arising from non-standard risks
  • A Major Incident Manager to help manage high profile incidents
  • Advanced and appropriate technical expertise
  • Hand-picked expert legal partners
  • Access to in-house specialist engineers and risk surveyors
  • Claims Account Managers (CLAMs) for our larger customers
  • Our Strategic Claims team lobby government and the insurance industry to ensure that both the views of customers and our own are heard

Zurich in Action

Engineering customer claim process

Major Customers

We offer our largest customers added claims service benefits

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