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At Zurich we have the capacity, experience and capability to deliver efficient and excellent service. We have expert dedicated teams and fast processes.


Zurich aims to settle claims fast, give quick decisions and ensure quality of service to give customers speedy resolutions. Our experts will be familiar with even the most complex, unusual claims and use their knowledge to minimise disruption to businesses.

Major Loss Approach

We take the view that major losses need a different approach to that of smaller claims, and that is why we have a specialist nationwide Major Loss team (MLT) to handle them.
Major  Incident Management

Major Incident Management

At Zurich, we like to use our expertise to be proactive in helping our customers during major incidents.
Claims Account Managers (CLAMS)

Claims Account Managers (CLAMS)

Our Claims Account Managers (CLAMs) are a team of claims professionals who work closely with our larger customers.

Zurich works to control the costs of claims, and therefore premiums through our expertise, our strong relationships, and economies of scale.

Fraud Team

Fraud Team

We take a robust, market leading approach to fraud.

Zurich’s experts work to high quality standards, and keep an eye out for future trends.

Governance and Quality Assurance Team (QAT)

Governance and Quality Assurance Team (QAT)

We have a best practice approach to establishing systems of compliance and maintaining them.
Zurich Approved Repair Network

Subsidence Team

We can allocate specific specialised resource to subsidence claims to make sure the right person with the right experience is dealing with the claim.
Vendor Management

Vendor Management

We have a Claims Vendor Management team ensuring that we purchase the goods and services of claims suppliers in a controlled and FCA compliant manner.